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SineDie Sat 05-Sep-15 09:24:30

ninathenana Sat 05-Sep-15 09:30:06


SineDie Sat 05-Sep-15 09:36:41

No. If all those people who posted their opinions on this forum read this first, they would see one of two things.

How to avoid false arguments

How to counter those who do.

This book is free. It's been available on the net for some time.

ninathenana Sat 05-Sep-15 09:44:03

Do you not think in that case that the thread title is aggressive and provocative? I for one don't like being told what to do.

SineDie Sat 05-Sep-15 09:47:46

Closed mind? You never know what you might learn if only you give it a try

loopylou Sat 05-Sep-15 09:48:46

Nor me confused

Since when did we need a book to tell us how to respond on any forum?

Indinana Sat 05-Sep-15 09:54:50

You're missing the point. We love all the false arguments, all the bickering, posturing and so on. They make the forums such fun, we follow the arguments gleefully awaiting the next person to bite grin.
If we all read this book and followed its 'rules', posting only carefully worded, reasonable arguments, I would bet that half the members would die of boredom.
The other half would wander off to pastures new.

loopylou Sat 05-Sep-15 10:01:45

Well said Indinana!
Can't think of anything more boring, long live the ripostes and witticisms on here!

ninathenana Sat 05-Sep-15 10:03:55

The best way I know of 'avoiding false arguments' which like this one is to say ......

ninathenana Sat 05-Sep-15 10:04:51

delete 'which'

Lilygran Sat 05-Sep-15 10:13:45

A bit harsh to SineDie!

SineDie Sat 05-Sep-15 10:17:17

Clearly this is Gransnet Circus, not Gransnet Forum.

Anne58 Sat 05-Sep-15 10:21:34


Luckygirl Sat 05-Sep-15 10:23:04

I have flipped through this and will study it a bit more later - it looks very interesting. Thanks for posting it.

janeainsworth Sat 05-Sep-15 11:08:22

Yes I think it looks interesting too, Lucky.

Perhaps if SineDie hadn't chosen a slightly provocative and ambiguous thread title, the thread and the book might have had a less hostile reception.

MiniMouse Sat 05-Sep-15 12:01:46

SineDie have you ever ventured onto MumsNet? They would definitely be a challenge for you!

thatbags Sat 05-Sep-15 12:05:13

Is it too early in the day for a G&T?

Notso Sat 05-Sep-15 12:08:40

The sun will be over the yardarm somewhere in the world bags.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 05-Sep-15 12:39:42

I might get the book, and then I will win all the arguments!

Watch out you lot. smile (rubs hands gleefully)

Lilygran Sat 05-Sep-15 12:41:31

Will this do? thatbags,SineDie wine

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 05-Sep-15 12:44:18

I'm very tempted to buy it for DS for his birthday!

thatbags Sat 05-Sep-15 12:47:50

Thank you, notso. That's me decided on lunch then: cheese and biscuits and a G&T. Don't need to make MrBags one cos he's gone out.

Thanks for the wine, lily. Good thing it's virtual because real wine just gives me a headache sad

kittylester Sat 05-Sep-15 12:57:38

Have you been on GN long, Sinedie?

janeainsworth Sat 05-Sep-15 13:03:32

I thought you won all the arguments anyway jingl :P

janerowena Sat 05-Sep-15 13:09:20

It looks really good.

Sadly however, there isn't a page on 'How to win every argument with your husband'.