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Yorkshiregel Thu 03-May-18 10:04:52

Personal Training and Development Officer

Have you ever wondered what that means? Do you think 'Oh it's one of those Team Building people'? Well actually you are wrong. How do I know? I was a Personal Training and Development Officer and it is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever done.

Have you ever felt that you missed out by failing the 11+? Let me tell you something. You DID NOT fail the 11+. What happens is that schools have only so many places they can offer to children who want to go to there. To decide who goes involves all sorts of filtering methods so that they will end up with a match to the number of available place and the number of children they can accept. The rest will not go to the Grammar/High school but to the Secondary Modern or Comprehensive schools. Some children for various reasons will not be selected because they do not live nearby the school, or they do not have siblings in the school. Other reasons are lack of maturity; inability to interact with other children; and of course academic ability. There are other reasons; perhaps they come from a failing school, or their school has taught science as a group not as individual subjects. Perhaps the school wishes to move higher up in the ratings so will only select children at the top of the list of achievements, or children who are high achievers may be selected to improve a school's performance. There are so many different reasons that children do not go to Grammar/High schools and a lot of them are political. It is not just a list of names, it involves a meeting between the Heads of schools and the local Education Officer. They are the ones who decide who goes where.

So, what happens when you finish school and go in to the world feeling that you are 'a failure'? It is the most damaging thing you can tell yourself. You have NOT FAILED! You just did not make the most of your opportunities or you did not have the chance to become the whole person you wanted to be. Do you accept that, or do you want to do something about it? What you can do is find a Personal Training and Development Officer who can help you to achieve your dreams.

I worked for a Company, but some work on a one to one basis. What does a PTDO do? Personal Development is about improving your awareness and identity, developing talents and potential, enhancing the quality of your life and realising that you can fulfil your dreams and aspirations. It is the job of a PTDO to help you do this.

What is involved? A PTDO will help you identify the training you need to grow and retain the skills you learn. They will help you equip yourself with knowledge, practical skills and motivate you to attempt things that you would never have thought you were capable of achieving. Think of taking part in a marathon for example. What you will do is first of all get yourself fit. Watch your weight and your diet. You will attempt small runs and gradually increase your distance until maybe you feel confident enough to run a half marathon. When you achieve that your sights will be on getting ready for a complete marathon. It all takes time and dedication to achieve your goals. You would never jump in and apply for a full marathon without preparing yourself for it would you? Personal Development is a bit like that.

To cut a long story short. I have seen people who thought they were not capable of achieving anything come out on the other side with a beaming smile on their face because they had done something amazing, something they had always thought impossible. It could be running a mile; swimming a length; passing an exam. learning a skill. I cannot tell you what a fantastic feeling that is for a PTDO to see someone achieve their dream.

A PTDO has one of the best jobs in the world! The salary isn't bad either, starting around £25 thousand to £30 thousand and rising from £45 thousand to around £65 thousand per year once you reach the top level.

So, if anyone knows someone who is struggling to think of a career they could train for when leaving school why not encourage them to consider becoming a Personal Training and Development Officer. A worthwhile job, a rewarding job, with good prospects and lots of fun along the way?

hildajenniJ Thu 03-May-18 10:15:32

You are preaching to the converted here. I'm happily retired, thanks.

Teetime Thu 03-May-18 10:35:36

Married to one of those!

Yorkshiregel Thu 03-May-18 10:53:45

Well I wasn't 'preaching'! I was 'informing' :-)

Training and Development by the way is also about sports. All kinds of sports. Climbing, sailing, canoeing, mountain bike riding. Lots to choose from.

You can specialise, or you can train people for a number of different sports.

OK, people on here are not youngsters; BUT, they may have children or grandchildren who they could talk to about this. I would encourage anyone to find out more about it by going on the internet and then applying to their local Technical College etc etc. Might be the career they have been looking for.

Eglantine21 Thu 03-May-18 11:10:53

Or you could just have a few good mates who will boost you up and tell you what you’re good at!

Yorkshiregel Thu 03-May-18 13:07:22

Everyone is good at something! Everyone has a value. What happened to the good old days of 'Trading'? ie I will fix your car if you will decorate my front room. I will bake you a cake if you will clean my windows. I will teach your child to play the piano if you will take my child to school in a morning.