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jacig Wed 17-Jun-20 08:51:54

Do you write letters to your grandchildren?
My g/s's live very close & I see them most days but I still write them letters. My daughters think I'm daft, they say" phone them or face time them". I have just sent an invitation to my eldest g/s for a sleepover and the excitement he gets when he receives it is lovely to see. I have asked my d/d to help him write back to me, she can't because she has no writing paper/notelets, needless to say she has some now. I remember being taught how to write a letter in school, I think that although technology is important it shouldn't replace everything. That's me off to wait for the postman and my "RSPV"

Furret Wed 17-Jun-20 09:02:15

I send mine postcards.