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Being apart from the grandchildren

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Nanniesuep1 Thu 18-Jun-20 19:03:27

Hi I have only just joined this group so not sure what to expect but need some positive thoughts and help. I miss my grandchildren so much since my son and daughter in law got divorced. I feel bereaved and can’t get away from the feeling,and I don’t know anyone else in this position, all my friends have there grandchildren near them and don’t understand. I just need to know I am not on my own?

Hithere Fri 19-Jun-20 18:22:35


It is not just a phone call.

That scenario assumes that ex dil can answer the call, has time to facilitate the call between the OP and gc or time to tell ex mil that is not a good time.

That scenario assumes the gc are available has no distractions so they can talk to grandma and they are in the mood to talk on the phone.

So no, just a phone call assumes availability of all parties involved.

Ex dil is the parent with the majority of custody in this case and I am pretty sure she has a thousand other things that have higher priority than being available on demand and drop everything when grandma calls.

Smileless2012 Fri 19-Jun-20 19:00:25

Yes Hithere it is just a 'phone call.

Pnwmama1515 Sun 21-Jun-20 06:05:09

Why is the ex dil expected to maintain the relationship? Does the son call his ex's parents and maintain their relationship with the grandchildren? Each adult child should maintain their family's relationships with the children.

Smileless2012 Sun 21-Jun-20 10:05:45

If you read what the OP has posted Pnwmama you'll see that her son is maintaining her relationship with her GC.

The OP isn't expecting her ex d.i.l. to maintain that relationship, she doesn't want her to subvert it be refusing to allow her to talk to her GC on the 'phone.

agnurse Sun 21-Jun-20 19:45:57

Not allowing the children to talk to their GPs on the phone while they're in her care, knowing that her ex is more than capable of facilitating the relationship, is not "subverting the relationship". The GPs can accept that they need to have contact on their son's time.