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First I raised 2 of 3 grand children until they were 7 and 6

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ameron Sat 02-Jan-21 02:22:44

I did everything to help my son and his girlfriend to make sure my grandchildren had 1 babysitter 6 days a week. my son and now DIL will not let me see them and are moving out of state. when I finally saw them they were crying and very sad. I really can not say much more.

ameron Sat 02-Jan-21 02:26:21

I am not adding any brackets and faces this subject is not funny. If this is not the right forum then I will not continue. Thanks anyway?

Lolo81 Sat 02-Jan-21 02:58:40

Hi ameron, this is the right place - not sure what you’re looking for from your post. Advice on how to try and smooth things over? Some support from others in the same boat?
So sorry you’re in this situation, hopefully you can get some help or a shoulder to cry on here depending on what you’re looking for.

Smileless2012 Sat 02-Jan-21 09:51:43

Yes, this is the right place ameron. I'm so sorry that having been such a huge part of your GC's lives you have been stopped from seeing them. They are going to miss you just as much as you'll miss them.

It's difficult to know what to say with such little information. Do you know their new address? If so, you could send the children cards for their birthdays and at Christmas.

We did this for 7 years only stopping last year and bought 2, one to be posted and one for their memory box. If you don't have an address or decide to not to post cards, getting them one every year will show one day that even though you were stopped from seeing them, you continued to love them.

There are several estranged parents and grand parents who regularly post on this forum myself included, who will be here for you if you want to talkflowers.

Armadillo Sat 02-Jan-21 18:35:51


You haven't said why you can't see them, is it because of coronavirus or has there been a falling out?
I think most people here are UK based so in different time zones.

Norah Mon 04-Jan-21 16:18:24

Maybe you could consider stating the problem? Is Coronavirus to be considered part of the post?

Laurine25 Fri 25-Jun-21 08:45:54

Message deleted by Gransnet. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Caleo Fri 25-Jun-21 08:57:08

Ameron, I am sorry for your loss. You will miss the children and maybe you will miss the parents too.

You seem to be powerless to do anything about the situation. I expect that either you are desperate for an explanation, or else the parents have explained to you and you disagree or do not understand.

tanith Fri 25-Jun-21 10:08:03

Ameron hasn’t been back in 6 mths to check any replies so the thread should be dropped.

Smileless2012 Fri 25-Jun-21 12:45:15

Even if the OP hasn't been back, if others wish to contribute to this thread I don't see why it should be dropped. Often the threads continue for some time and deviate to a certain extent but can still provide help and support for others.

Namsnanny Fri 25-Jun-21 14:02:26

Yes that's true Smileless. I like reading through the replies. Doesnt always matter if it isnt uptodate.

DiscoDancer1975 Fri 25-Jun-21 15:38:32

Hopefully, she will have sorted it by now, but I did see something rather controlling just in the title of her post. ‘ I raised......’ I may have got it wrong, and she may have just meant she helped, but I can’t help but feel there was more to it, and that’s why her son and his family have distanced themselves.
I suppose we will never know.