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I feel as though women never got the vote

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Stansgran Mon 25-Sep-17 13:39:05

I noticed a leak in the roof yesterday. I phoned a big company which advertised on the tv last night. My neighbours had used them for a new roof and they had called to see if we wanted anything checked last year. Joe who answered the phone asked if Stansgranpa was home and would he be there when they came round. Stansgranpa was having the car serviced so Sophie then phoned to see if he had got back. I don't think it was anything to do with protecting my virtue or indeed that of the roofer who was coming round. I think it was more to do with could the little woman be trusted to write a cheque.

Luckygirl Mon 25-Sep-17 16:38:43

Grrr! I would use another company!

Luckygirl Mon 25-Sep-17 16:39:35

I had a similar problem a few years ago when I was buying a car - my sentiments were unrepeatable! grin

NanaandGrampy Mon 25-Sep-17 16:45:48

It's a standard ploy for many sales companies, if one of you isn't there you have the 'out' to say I must discuss it with my husband/wife.

It's just one objection they can avoid by wanting both people there.

kittylester Mon 25-Sep-17 17:37:38

OOOh, thats really annoying.

I once went to look at a new car and NO-ONE came to talk to me. When I went back with DH they were all over him. DH said the car was for me but they persisted in talking to him. We went elsewhere!

ninathenana Mon 25-Sep-17 17:41:14

angry angry sad

SueDonim Mon 25-Sep-17 18:48:45

Hmm, I wonder if it's a protection against their staff being falsely accused of anything dodgy, like having a chaperone at the doctors? Overkill, I think, but you never know.

I've purchased a number of new cars myself and never felt I've been treated adversely because I am a woman. I've been with Dh when he's bought new cars, same showroom, same staff, and we've been treated exactly the same.

petra Tue 26-Sep-17 09:12:40

We are not alone. The femail boss of Citroen gets the same treatment. She often goes on mystery shopper trips and gets the same attitude.

Stansgran Wed 27-Sep-17 11:04:34

I feel the need to update. I've just had a phone call from the Trade manager. A lad came yesterday who looked about 18 and rather apprehensive. Very polite and looked at the roof and in the loft and then said the interesting words that the firm never charged less than £1000 because of all the paper work involved! I immediately had a vision of supermodels and what they wouldn't get out of bed for.
This morning the trade manager phoned for a follow up. I told him I thought it was bad business practice to waste my valuable time and presumably theirs by visiting and encouraging us to phone them. They should state minimum costs on their website.