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So patronising!

36 M0nica

Do you not have someone to help you?

57 M0nica

Angela Rippon

79 Grantanow

D'oh !

7 Esmay

My doctor called me 'An elderly Lady.'

258 Grantanow

Senior Concessionary Gym Membership

9 Gymstagran

discrimination - a follow up to the angry post

11 Primrose53

Old people don’t use the internet?

105 Grantanow

Putting things in "a safe place" and then...

39 B9exchange

90 yr old ‘spoiling’ our Bridge group

68 Fleurpepper

Do older people need to have global warming explained to them?

266 Norah

How old is elderly?

108 Jaffacake2

Disrespect in the workplace

4 diygran


179 Caleo

Shop assistants

121 LOUISA1523

Ageism in adverts - difference between men and women

46 Mom3

Presents you discarded but regretted it!

5 ParlorGames

*Elephant in the room*

125 Wyllow3

I'll find it on my phone.

22 Oldnproud

Students and the middle aged disabled

16 M0nica

Are you "keeping busy?"

43 M0nica

gendered ageism in the media

7 krossings

I am feeling bored so just started this thread to have a little rant t.

59 Esmay

Rudeness towards Charlie Dimmock

95 MissAdventure

BT is abandoning landlines

18 nadateturbe


6 Sago

Growing old

29 Shandy57

Over 75 best exercises

70 Puzzled

Should over 70 year olds be banned from voting in referendum to decide the country future

144 Puzzled


23 Juliet27

Female ageism

37 M0nica

How sexism and ageism combine against women

24 Redhead56

Thông tin Gdwbet bị bắt có đúng sự thật?

28 henetha


19 Judy54


13 Sparkling

Every day ageism

8 timetogo2016

every day ageism

18 M0nica

Thoughts when Others Make Negative or Offensive Comments

30 Lin52

The Invisible Woman

28 nanna8

Which adverts make you mad?

144 tinaf1

Mom Not eating?

26 Liz46

always wanted but am i too old

60 Maggiemaybe

The Golden Years, what's your take?

91 grannyqueenie

Does the BBC have a problem with older women?

20 Davidhs

Time Has Gone By So Fast

11 grandtanteJE65

anyone else fed up with

86 grandtanteJE65


4 Sophie22

Photoshop addiction

38 phoenix

This one thing about being older

47 jeanie99

Now we are in trouble for hoarding our money not spending it.

75 Sparkling