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The Golden Years, what's your take?

91 grannyqueenie

Over 75 best exercises

66 M0nica

Should over 70 year olds be banned from voting in referendum to decide the country future

114 Sarnia

Which adverts make you mad?

139 lemsip

Does the BBC have a problem with older women?

20 Davidhs

Growing old

9 sparklingsilver28

How sexism and ageism combine against women

14 Hithere

Time Has Gone By So Fast

11 grandtanteJE65

anyone else fed up with

86 grandtanteJE65


4 Sophie22

Photoshop addiction

38 phoenix

This one thing about being older

47 jeanie99

always wanted but am i too old

58 annodomini

Now we are in trouble for hoarding our money not spending it.

75 Sparkling

Married 80 years!

5 ExD1938

An example to us all?

8 Kalu

Nectar App

10 M0nica

people questioning my ability to care for sick grandson

76 jeanie99

Bossed around

70 Atqui

For once it was nice to be invisible.

60 PamGeo


24 Charleygirl5

Dodgy Tradespersons in Seniors homes

34 Witzend

The perks of old age

32 seventhfloorregular

OAP ageist TV

116 Sparklefizz


3 SueDonim

We do exist, but after this why bother?

139 Eloethan

Do we actually exist?

18 M0nica

making life easier

30 TwiceAsNice

I have just been put on a vulnerability register

51 morethan2

Too old to vote

103 Lilyflower

Older couples holding hands

83 Breda

So how old do you think I am? (Don’t answer that!)

158 BlueSky

accepting I'm ageing

62 BlueSky

Growing Old Disgracefully

19 Grandadcupcakes

This takes the Speculaas(biscuit)

15 popsis71

Should people in care homes be "allowed to have sex"?

17 Shyness69

People who have beaten ageism (or ignored it)

9 silverlining48

Granny fanciers

47 JuneS

Gransnetters, I could do with a bit of your lovely Humour.

35 janeainsworth


21 annodomini

The Alphabet of Age

6 mamamags

Form filling on line

2 tanith

Ageist ads.

17 lilypollen

Why over 50s NEED to work too #everydayageism

41 M0nica

Where can you 'go' when you're out?

64 S001

when love seems to have gone....

42 Synonymous

I feel as though women never got the vote

9 Stansgran

Middle aged?? What does that make us?

45 Christinefrance


9 MawBroon


4 rosesarered