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formaq Wed 16-May-18 17:00:36

TV is currently showing an advertisement for shampoo (can't remember the name as I am blinded by rage whenever it comes on) which shows a woman extolling said shampoo's virtues and saying it is especially popular with women - then whispering coyly "over 40". To me this says being over 40 is something to be hidden and of which to be ashamed ! Shame on the man (probably) who wrote this odious ad !

Panache Wed 16-May-18 17:18:32

Hear! Hear!

With you on this one.

varian Wed 16-May-18 17:25:22

Surely most women (not little girls) are over forty.

I think some advertisements are counter productive. If they are ageist, sexist, racist (not matter how subtle) I give them a wide berth.

Bridgeit Wed 16-May-18 17:34:04

Formaq , I haven’t seen it yet, but I can understand your rage,I guess we will never get rid of this outdated outlook, but to be fair a lot of us ladies like to try out different products to look the best we can .. as long as it is for our selves & not to please someone else or be judged on our looks then I don’t have a problem with it.

notanan2 Wed 16-May-18 17:42:03

the girlish giggling and whispering about greys & incontinence infantises older women

Or implies that products aimed at them are embarrasing/a joke, hence the giggling....

men dont giggle behind their hands in ads for products aimed at older men!

it paints us like silly school girls

notanan2 Wed 16-May-18 17:45:19

(& the only stuff that IS aimed at us is anti-aging products and incontinence pads which is a whole other rant)

Bridgeit Wed 16-May-18 18:35:54

Well you know, we little ladies like to keep our beauty tips secret 🤮🤮😉

M0nica Wed 16-May-18 19:10:56

This ad has been around for ages and my reaction to it has always been the same as yours, formaq

Research published this week showed that older women were not obsessed by their age and getting older. All they wanted to do was look good for their age. Time the advertisers took this on board.

OldMeg Wed 16-May-18 19:55:45

Yes, very silly and irritating.

sassenach512 Wed 16-May-18 20:17:29

What infuriates me, is the ad for incontinence pads which zoom in on the woman's backside to prove that you can't see the pad. I find it cringeworthy angry

Bridgeit Wed 16-May-18 20:35:16

Yes Sassenach112, I agree and they never show the ones for men!!!

Baggs Wed 16-May-18 20:56:23

And yet, whenever anyone suggests some of us might be 'old' there's an outcry. According to my observations women are, generally speaking, very coy about age and it simply doesn't do to admit that one is even a teeny bit old.

Baggs Wed 16-May-18 20:57:06

Which, to me, is by far the most ageist attitude of all.

sassenach512 Wed 16-May-18 21:29:43

No Bridgeit they don't, can't see them ever zooming in on a man's crotch can you? there would be ructions!

M0nica Wed 16-May-18 22:13:20

I am quite happy to admit my age to all and sundry. I am 74. I am also quite happy to admit I am old.

Being on the literal side and with life expectancy growing, taking average age of death as 90. You are young until you are 30 middle aged from 30 - 60 and old there after I cannot see the problem. It is a statement of fact not a matter of feeling.

notanan2 Wed 16-May-18 22:27:56

Baggs I know one older lady who doesnt tell her age (at a guess I would say she is 70) All others I know are actually proud of their age. I personally wouldnt want to be young again! I dont love the physical side but am proud of my body for what it's done so far and emotionally/mentally I like being older

lilypollen Wed 16-May-18 22:32:54

Have to accept that my generation are perceived as old. Hair colour and skin care ads always show a model who isn't a day over 30 so totally mis-selling the product.