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Septimia Wed 05-Jun-19 11:10:23

The thread about ageist adverts reminded me - why do clothes catalogues for mature people often have fashionable clothes but all the shoes are in wide fittings?

Of course, some people have wider feet and have had all their lives, but some of us don't and haven't - I'm a C fitting. My aunt was a AA until the day she died in her 70s.

So why the assumption that older people all have wide feet?

Baggs Wed 05-Jun-19 11:15:22

It’s not an assumption about all old people, just a marketing judgment based on the fact that, on average, people’s feet do spread a bit as they get older. I reckon it’s the result of a lifetime's walking ?

I’m sure it’s possible to get narrow fitting shoes but maybe not cheaply. Italian shoes tend to be narrower fitting.

Nonnie Wed 05-Jun-19 11:21:14

I wouldn't buy shoes from a catalogue so wouldn't notice that. I like to go into the shop, try them on, look in the mirror and walk around a bit. I probably wouldn't have the old person's catalogue in the first place as I don't think I am old enough or ever will be grin

EllanVannin Wed 05-Jun-19 11:56:01

I knew an acquaintance who at 80 wore the most beautiful high-heels in every colour to match her outfits. She was great, small in stature so she could carry them off-------but couldn't drive for toffee, you held your breath if you were in a car with her.
I could write a book about all the folk I've known !

Septimia Wed 05-Jun-19 11:59:46

I agree that feet do tend to spread after a lifetime of walking and narrower shoes are available - I've always liked expensive shoes (my best ones cost over £100 shock) but can't always afford them. Sometimes the catalogue ones are nice styles and useful prices for everyday.
They're not really old people's catalogues - they're the fairly mainstream ones that are advertised on television. I'm not old enough either, Nonnie but I live a long way from the shops!

Witzend Wed 05-Jun-19 12:11:56

Thing is, if you have nice, slender feet, just be thankful! You probably have no trouble at all finding shoes anyway.

If you don't, it can be a hell of a job to find any that are really comfortable - and not also hideously frumpy-looking.
Most shoe shops simply don't cater for anyone with difficult feet who wants smart/stylish in wider fittings.

MiniMoon Wed 05-Jun-19 12:15:52

I had narrow feet all my life. Finding AA fitting shoes was a nightmare. Fortunately since my feet have spread a bit I can now buy C fittings.
I never buy shoes from catalogues. I like to try them on in a store.

ninathenana Wed 05-Jun-19 13:01:21

If like me you have wide feet, buying from a catalogue or on line is a necessity. Especially if you live in a small town.

Baggs Wed 05-Jun-19 13:44:59

Slender isn’t the same as narrow. One can have broad slender feet, especially if you’ve never habitually squashed your toes just to be fashionable.

Grammaretto Wed 05-Jun-19 13:55:58

Imagine being able to buy shoes from a catalogue!! I have to try every shoe in the shop and even then....I've just returned a really pretty pair bought for an upcoming wedding. I wore them in the house every morning for an hour but that didn't make them more comfortable.
I'm no longer prepared to wear ill fitting shoes.
We ignore our feet at our peril.
My Mil who's in her 90s was always the one in high heels but even she has had to go for comfort recently as her feet are now very distorted from years of silly shoes!!

yggdrasil Wed 05-Jun-19 16:11:25

Shoe shops consider a D width as 'wide'. It has been years since I bought shoes anywhere but on line, where I can get EEE width. About twice a year I send for a whole big bagful, all styles that look like they would fit in both 4 & 5, because they are not always the same.
Then if I am lucky I keep one or two and send all the rest back.

For your benefit I did a quick google on narrow shoes. Here is one on-line shop

Oldandverygrey Wed 05-Jun-19 16:39:25

If I had listened to my mother as a teenager instead of wearing high stiletto heels, my feet would now be narrow and dainty instead I have two bunions!

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 05-Jun-19 16:52:57

I've learned not to buy shoes from a catalogue but to always try them on in a shop. I take a size 3 and have narrow heels but my feet are a bit wider by the 'toe knuckle' if you understand me.
I didn't notice the width in the small print. A pair I sent off for were long enough but so wide I might as well have been wearing dustbin lids! Never again.

M0nica Thu 06-Jun-19 14:56:01

It is just the assumption that if your feet are wide you want to wear really unstylish frumpy shoes. I want fashionable shows in wider widths.

barbarasmith Mon 24-Jun-19 22:08:45

I recently purchased the most amazing comfortable shoes and feel so relieved that I can walk again without feeling any pain as I suffer from swollen feet and bunions. Whilst in the London shop with my husband we also purchased a pair of wide fit New Balance trainers which can I just say are such a lifesaver - comfort walking on air!!

It's a friendly family run shop which delivers the best service as they are all so passionate about what they do. As I now know my size and width I feel confident to purchase online now which is a great time saver!!

Katek Mon 24-Jun-19 22:28:28

I have narrow, small feet (size 2.5/3) - not so easy to find nice footwear. Children’s styles can be a bit narrow, but I’m finding more and more small size adult shoes online nowadays, thank goodness.

MawBroonsback Mon 24-Jun-19 22:35:40

I once espies an absolutely gorgeous pair of shoes on a lady of a certain age with upswept silver hair (think Phyllida Lloyd rather than Babs Windsor) It was at an Art Talk and there were some very “arty” people there.
These shoes were completely elasticated and came quite high up the instep, “trouser shoes” I would say, with a small heel but in a complete rainbow of colours
Being me I just had to ask her about them and she agreed that they were like wearing slippers. But because of the rainbow of colours they looked just so trendy.
She admitted they had been expensive, but bought in the sales and I have been looking for something similar ever since!

M0nica Tue 25-Jun-19 14:22:44

I would never buy shoes from a catalogue, my right foot is half a size larger than my left and proportionately wider.

MiniMoon Tue 25-Jun-19 14:49:59

I wonder if they were Adesso shoes maw. They come in different styles and colours.
Here's a link to one company who sells them, but they are available all over the place.

MawBroonsback Tue 25-Jun-19 14:54:08

I have looked at Adesso shoes thank you MiniMoon and they do look comfortable, but these were much smarter and I expect at least three figures!

barbarasmith Wed 26-Jun-19 21:33:33

I feel your pain as I had the same issue and nowhere on the high street catered for my needs.
Check out www. as you will definitely be able to find a comfortable pair that will change your life !!

LullyDully Wed 26-Jun-19 21:50:29

Do they still sell those love!y tartan slippers , with a pompom on the front, like my grannies wore? They looked comfy and very smart. Must look for them on line.

jasper999 Mon 01-Jul-19 20:53:33

My local independent shoe shop used to stock wide to extremely wide shoes and I really liked the DB brand but the shop has now closed. I now get my shoes on line at DB (that's wider with an r). I did check the email address above barbarasmith and it looks like you can buy DB shoes at the website / shop in London

Charleygirl5 Mon 01-Jul-19 21:30:10

Thanks barbarasmith I forgot about that shop- I live about 3 miles away! many, many years ago it used to be very old fashioned and frumpy but it sounds as though it is now totally different.

I have been buying Hotter shoes but I can apparently have any colour as long as it is black!!!