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Sophie22 Wed 01-Jul-20 18:29:39

My Husband never says thank you i enjoyed that after cooking a meal or asks me how my day has been or even what have you been doing today .are there any other wifes out there who has this similar problem or am i being taken for granted we have been together for 20 years .

janeainsworth Wed 01-Jul-20 18:39:10

Sophie Try saying to him ‘Did you enjoy your dinner, then?’
If he says ‘No’ then that is your opportunity to suggest he cooks dinner himself.
If he says ‘yes’ but doesn’t follow it with ‘thank you’, say ‘I’m glad you enjoyed it.’ This may spur him to realise he should be grateful for your efforts.
He may of course add the ‘thank you’ without any further prompting, problem solved.
If he doesn’t answer at all, then you really do have a problem. Administer the silent treatment back at him until he eventually asks you what’s wrong. Then tell him.

MawB Wed 01-Jul-20 18:42:50

What has this got go do with Ageism?

He sounds like an inconsiderate oaf - has he always been like this and if so why did you marry him?

Sophie22 Wed 01-Jul-20 18:56:36

Thank you but he would never ask what i wrong so we are silent for days .