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Every day ageism

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katy1950 Sun 04-Jul-21 17:11:20

We were watching the horse racing on TV on Saturday as we do most Saturdays one of the commentators as sir Michael Stouts won a big race said Michael Stout is 73 years young why mention his age they don't say Aiden O Brian is 53 years young it really made me angry

eazybee Sun 04-Jul-21 17:14:20

I assume Michael Stout is a jockey. I would have thought his age was of interest, as it is an achievement to be racing and winning at that age.

midgey Sun 04-Jul-21 17:18:47

Michael Stout is a trainer not a jockey.

M0nica Sun 04-Jul-21 21:35:34

Training racehorses requires stamina as well as skill and I suspect the commentator was impressed that he still had the stamina at 73, which is well past state pension age and an age when many older people are far less fit than they used to be and, if working, are not involved is such physically demanding occupations.

Similar comments have been made about a number of older tennis players this week. Remarks that they are or will soon be 40 and that it is remarkable that they still have the stamina to play long games, when even some younger players are showing signs of flagging during long matches.

Stamina and strength do decline with age, yet, remarkably, some people keep going long after others their age have slowed down.

BigBertha1 Mon 05-Jul-21 07:21:49

I don't see the need to keep telling us what age people are. Newspaper articles often include someone's age when its totally irrelevant to the article.

M0nica Mon 05-Jul-21 08:37:59

It is like always describing women in terms of being a grandparent and how many grandchilden they have, that irritates me more even than giving an age.

A heading like 'grandmother of 3 sails round the world single handed' apart from being insulting reducing us to our reproductive powers only, is also unhelpful. The woman concerned could be 45, which would make her feat remarkable, but not for her age, or she could be 80, which would be remaerkable for both age and endurance.

NotSpaghetti Mon 05-Jul-21 08:43:39

I think it's interesting that in some instances a 19 year old is reported to be a "teenager" and others they are still 19 but a "man" or "woman", a "(occupation)" or even a "mother" or "father".
You can hear the same story with different angles depending on what they want you to think.

timetogo2016 Mon 05-Jul-21 08:48:35

I think the same when i watch The Chace,the contestants always give their age,strange thing to do as it`s nothing to do with their knowledge.