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Notright Sun 11-Jul-21 11:17:14

What really bugs me is seeing adverts on TV like chair lifts; chairs that rise forward to help you stand, walk in baths etc. I could go on. The use young people as performing models. And the and the items I thought are aimed at old or disabled.
The model is always agile, slim and apparently active.

Doodledog Sun 11-Jul-21 11:40:52

The one that always seems to be on ITV3 looks like she is on drugs. She stares into the middle distance with a beatific smile on her face whilst stepping out of her riser chair, getting into her portable scooter or beaming at her beautiful grandchildren on the drive of her blandly decorated bungalow. Even her perfectly coiffed hair is blandly grey to match her impeccable subtly shaded clothing.

It's like she's operated by remote control grin.

3nanny6 Sun 11-Jul-21 12:07:21

I know these adverts are such a pain. The thing is once we are over 65 we are treated like pensioners that have to be wrapped in cotton wool and are too decrepit to even walk to the shops.

I take blood pressure medication and nobody bothered with me from my doctors for about 18 months through the pandemic. About 3 months ago I was called in for blood pressure tests and told it is still high also had other tests done and have been given some vitamin course for 3 months
which is okay but another medication they gave me caused side effects and I phoned the doctor and said I cannot take it.
Blood pressure is much better which doctor agreed so she still wants to look at some different medication for the one that was stopped. They know I have sensitivity for many medications and I am getting fed up now and just want to live my life the best I can with some enjoyment, I would rather feel fairly well most days than to be given medication
that almost always gives me side effects. What makes me laugh is the fact all through the pandemic I rarely saw a doctor and now they keep phoning to check on blood pressure and all sorts of things and quite honestly I feel fine
even if I am a pensioner.

Gilly1952 Sun 11-Jul-21 12:18:12

I hate the adverts that presume us ladies all pee ourselves! I cringe at the one where the woman is lifting weights at the gym and there is a close up of her backside. Oh, and don’t forget ads for “vaginal dryness” - how embarrassing if you are watching with the family!! At least they are now showing adverts aimed at “men’s problems”.

Galaxy Sun 11-Jul-21 12:19:54

I dont think women should be embarrassed by either of those subjects though, I am glad those adverts are on TV.

Poppyred Sun 11-Jul-21 12:23:16

Why is it always a woman that advertises constipation remedies???? ???

sodapop Sun 11-Jul-21 14:34:14

Stepford wives spring to mind Doodledog they look so unreal.
The motability ad is so much better and cheerful.

I have to say Poppyred that constipation and issues about where I feel relaxed enough to actually use the lavatory are solely female concerns in our house. My husband has never to my knowledge been constipated or worried about using lavatories away from home.

Baggs Sun 11-Jul-21 14:45:08

The use young people as performing models.

They're probably trying to make the point that you don't have to be old to need help, that disability and difficulty doing stuff are not just consequences of old age.

M0nica Sun 11-Jul-21 15:24:00

Well, to begin with, sadly, disability and infirmity is not restricted to the old. There are a significant number of people of all ages, including children who benefit from this equipment.

Secondly, the people in these ads are there purely to indicate how these products work, they are not there to 'sell' the products in the way that breakfast cereals will advertise with happy excited families eating their breakfast and then going out for a happy walk with the dog, all gurning faces and white,white teeth. These models are indentikit, and modestly dressed in neutral clothing, swimming costumes, huge towels or whatever and they will always be opening the bath door, sitting in the shower or whatever, showing how it could be used.

If they used old and infirm people, it will be off putting for younger disabled people and people will focus on the models infirmity not the utility of the appliance and disconnect if the disabilty is not theirs,

Their attitude might be, 'Oh that person can hold a rail so it will be no good for me because I am in a wheelchair.' or vice versa.

It took me a while to realise this, but when I started to think about what models would work I realised that we would all be looking 'for someone like us' when what is needed is models who are like no one who would use them so people dissasociate form the models but engage with the products utility.

AGAA4 Sun 11-Jul-21 16:53:55

Assumptions can be made when you get older. I get adverts through the door for mobility scooters and other age related products.
I did have to smile when on the same day I was offered retirement homes and an offer to join the army.

Jaxjacky Sun 11-Jul-21 17:36:30

Galaxy I agree, ditto periods, contraception, STD’s, piles and any other subjects that for so many years were not discussed and hidden away. No problem with my family being around either, whatever their age.

kittylester Sun 11-Jul-21 18:45:44

Aga, assumptions drive me wild. We recently went to the National Space Centre with our daughter and family who were asked to scan themselves in. The girl on the door suggested we follow her to the desk where we could sign in using pen and paper! She seemed surprised that we could scan in too.

Sparkling Sun 11-Jul-21 18:55:55

I don’t think of age, every stage of life presents some sort if difficulty and I managed ok. To be older with a pension, in your own home that is paid for is liberating, I don’t worry about what people think as long as I’m doing as I wish and not hurting anyone else. More at peace with what I am, if anyone patronises me, I am sure they mean nothing by it, if it’s not, well they must have problems.