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GagaJo Sat 30-Oct-21 23:58:14

I'm an examiner, and one of the questions on one of the papers I mark, this year was 'The generations can learn from each other. Do you agree?'

Out of the hundreds that I marked, the number of candidates that DIDN'T say that the elderly needed to learn how to use technology from the young were in single figures.

I think it speaks volumes if even know-it-all teenagers think they have nothing else to teach us oldies, other than how to use flippin' Insta, an iPhone or the use of the cloud. By the time I'd marked hundreds of these answers I really started to despair about the younger generation and as a teacher, that is NOT the way I usually feel!

Calmlocket Sun 31-Oct-21 06:57:32

Yes I do think that generations can learn from each other but saying that youngsters dont seem to have the time or the patience teaching their elders especially where technology is concerned. Perhaps because they feel that the older generation will spy on them to see what they are up to on the internet!

Galaxy Sun 31-Oct-21 07:02:42

Dont exam questions pr answers rather frequently state the most obvious response.

M0nica Sun 31-Oct-21 07:17:42

One of the most important skills a child learns is how to give the 'right' answer to exam questions not the right answer.

DD picked that up very early DS struggled with the idea and as a result had a couple of unexpected failures.

bikergran Sun 31-Oct-21 07:22:59

My dd is 39 I'm 66 I showed her the other day what epg was on th TV, she hadn't a clue. I did feel smug lol

Sago Sun 31-Oct-21 09:11:51

I have to agree, my neighbour and a number of my friends cannot email, use the internet and will not embrace technology.

Out of interest how would you have marked a paper that suggested the young teaching us oldies how to roll a joint or to twerk?