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krossings Fri 14-Jan-22 15:02:27

Hello - I am writing a book on older women and/in the media and just posted an invitation to contribute in the 'media/research' forum, so if you're interested in getting involved, do click on that forum link. Thanks. Karen Ross

SuzyG Sun 30-Jan-22 13:21:13

Hello krossings. I'd love to be involved but am newish and haven't worked out how to find your link yet.

janeainsworth Sun 30-Jan-22 13:40:01

Well this is a screenshot of the media/research forum - your link doesn’t seem to be there Karen. confused

SuzyG Sun 30-Jan-22 16:07:35

Thanks janeainsworth. At least I'm not going nuts.. maybe smile

krossings Wed 02-Feb-22 11:58:27

Hi Suzy and Jane - thanks so much for responding. I wrote the message after I had completed the form and sent the fee, assuming, wrongly, as it turned out, that it would appear instantly. As of today, more than two weeks later, it still hasn't appeared so I've now emailed Gransnet admin and hope to see it go up very soon. In the meantime, if you would like to contact me directly, that would be great: [email protected] and my Uni profile page is: I'm hoping that my email and link will work :-) Thanks again for your interest and I hope to hear from you. Best wishes, Karen

MichaelGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 02-Feb-22 14:10:31

Hi all, we're in touch with Karen off the boards to see if we can sort out the post in the media/research section.

krossings Wed 02-Feb-22 18:13:33

thanks Michael.