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Presents you discarded but regretted it!

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Poppyjo Sun 25-Dec-22 07:56:59

My son and daughter in law brought me a bottle with a lid on and a glass stuck on top for my birthday. I thought to myself what a strange present and what on earth would they buy that for? What was it? It was deposited in a cupboard to collect dust.

Last week I went down with Covid and felt so ill i could hardly move. Needing to drink lots of water I managed to retrieve the bottle, washed it and filled it with water (it’s original purpose). It has turned out to be a godsend. It still has pride of place on my bedside table!

I guess I have learned a valuable lesson. Never look a gift horse in the mouth and be thankful!

What items have you discarded as unwanted but retrieved as they turned out to be a great benefit when least expected?

lixy Sun 25-Dec-22 08:06:05

I gave my son a snow shovel one Christmas (additional joke present), It sat unloved in his garage, but suddenly came into it's own a couple of weeks ago and he finally said 'thank you' for it!

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 25-Dec-22 08:19:26

Many years ago my MIL gave my then SIL a box with a Squirrel ‘chaser’ in it, MzOops bulbs had all been turned out of their pots by squirrels so whilst we all thought it was a good gift, SIL wasn’t impressed, so the box and it’s contents went unopened into my cupboard upstairs.
Several years later I was having a turnout, saw the box, spoke to him on the phone and he told me to give it to a Charity Shop. I thought I’d open it and have a look first as I noticed that the box had an awful lot of sellotape keeping the bulging box closed.
Inside was a flannel some socks and a full set of Mens Nivea Bath wash items.
MIL had used an old box to put it all in!
We laughed when I told him, but he still didn’t want any of the stuff, so MrOops used it.

Poppyjo Sun 25-Dec-22 10:51:30

Love this. Made me laugh for first time in ages. Thank you

ParlorGames Sun 25-Dec-22 11:08:02


Love this. Made me laugh for first time in ages. Thank you

Hey, Poppyjo, you sound a little low. flowers a little gift to hopefully brighten your day. Happy Christmas everyone