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What can I do with Weetabix?

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tiggypiro Thu 04-Sep-14 18:21:51

The Chinese contingency went home last week and I am slowly working my way through the house and reclaiming it.
In one of the kitchen cupboards I have found about 40 Weetabix. It is not something I particularly like as a cereal but would find it hard to throw it out (I am a Yorkshire woman after all). Any ideas what I can use it for?

Anne58 Thu 04-Sep-14 18:25:39

Combine it with other things as a crumble topping?

Mind you, that would be a hell of a lot of crumble!

Scrunch it up and mix with fruit and yogurt?

Brendawymms Thu 04-Sep-14 18:29:03

That's a great idea Phoenix I'm going to try it in the next crumble.
Quite like them dry with Nutella on top.

kittylester Thu 04-Sep-14 18:32:00

Give them to the birds?

When the children were little they had to make a thatched cottage. We dutifully got some straw and it was laid lovingly grin on the top of the roof. Most other people used weetabix or shredded wheat confused

specki4eyes Thu 04-Sep-14 18:32:39

I give it to my dog..he needs fibre now, so I mix it with chopped courgette and Lidl dogmeat. He loves it which is good cos I hate the stuff .. only buy it when the DGCs are coming.

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 04-Sep-14 18:33:11

Bet the birds won't eat it. #fussybuggers

ninathenana Thu 04-Sep-14 18:38:59

I have added them to crumble topping, yummy !

According to the old add nobody can eat three Weetabix. My 5yr old DGS can eat 4 [smiile]

Gracesgran Thu 04-Sep-14 18:48:20

Were we the only family that did this? As a child we used to have them buttered - like toast I suppose. I even had marmalade on mine.

Wheniwasyourage Thu 04-Sep-14 18:50:59

Whatever you do, don't add it to milk and then put it in your hair! How many GNers can remember trying to get Weetabix out of babies' hair? I always felt that it should have some industrial application, possibly as a type of adhesive or a mortar, but never heard of that happening. Unless it just comes in a different wrapping on building sites, of course.

Wheniwasyourage Thu 04-Sep-14 18:52:21

We used to get a bit of butter on a few Shreddies as a special treat. I really miss Shreddies since I've been boycotting Nestlé!

Stansgran Thu 04-Sep-14 18:54:23

I have a weta box cake recipe. I'll find it and post it.

annodomini Thu 04-Sep-14 18:57:00

Same here Gracesgran; nice and crunchy with butter and marmalade or raspberry jam topped with mashed banana.

Anne58 Thu 04-Sep-14 22:55:09

nina I think the ad to which you refer was for shredded wheat, not weetabix?

Nelliemoser Thu 04-Sep-14 23:32:33

wheniwas I also have memories of chiseling Weetabix out of my children's hair, back of the ears etc.

phoenix It was Shredded Wheat

Rowantree Fri 05-Sep-14 00:17:22

Horrible stuff. Not for human consumption!
I'd agree with wheniwasyourage - use it mixed with water to fill holes in your walls. Or add it to acrylic paint for a lovely textured finish to your art.

Eloethan Fri 05-Sep-14 00:17:41

I also used to eat Weetabix spread with butter - still quite like them that way.

ninathenana Fri 05-Sep-14 00:29:01

blush so it was phoenix

absent Fri 05-Sep-14 02:49:09

Crush them and mix with grated carrots, grated onion and lisghtly beaten egg, then shape into veggie burgers.

absent Fri 05-Sep-14 02:49:34

lightly beaten egg.

rockgran Fri 05-Sep-14 03:58:47

Isn't it funny how our tastes differ - I just love weetabix and shredded wheat whereas my DH prefers the sweeter types and would eat sugar puffs and coco pops (if I let him)!

Valbeasixties Fri 05-Sep-14 05:06:22

My son-in-law who is incredibly fit and is an Iron Man eats at least 6 Weetabix in every sitting so my difficulty is ensuring that I buy enough boxes when he comes to visit!

Liz46 Fri 05-Sep-14 07:38:32

I enjoy one Weetabix every morning topped with goji berries, seeds, chopped almonds, sliced banana, raspberries, blueberries, a dab of honey and soy milk. I feel it is a healthy start to the day. Unfortunately I go downhill as the day progresses probably ending up with wine and crisps by the evening!

Aka Fri 05-Sep-14 07:44:15

Feed it to the birds.

Aka Fri 05-Sep-14 07:45:50

I'm intrigued Absent as I know you're a good cook, so why lightly beaten egg?

tcherry Fri 05-Sep-14 07:47:56

Well if you cut some banana up and add it to the weetabix it end up being quite a nice biscuit.

My sister used to put jam on them and have them with a cup of tea

Or you could crumble them and add sugar and use as a crumble

Good for you for not wanting to waste food!!