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NanKate Wed 06-May-15 21:39:22

I was in a friends kitchen recently and asked her why she had so many empty tinfoil containers. She said they were from takeaways. She and her family are quite large, I wonder if there is a connection.

Now I must fess up I have never had a takeaway other than fish and chips and one Chinese meal which I bought for my son some years ago when he moved into his first flat.

Are takeaways part of your life ?

tanith Wed 06-May-15 21:46:45

No we might have fish and chips once a month and a chinese about 2/3 times a year.. but I know some friends and family members eat takeaway more than once or twice a WEEK!!! and yes they are mostly overweight but I'm sure they don't see a connection.

merlotgran Wed 06-May-15 22:02:57

We haven't had a Chinese takeaway since the poor girl, who hardly spoke a word of English, got lost on one of the farm roads in a thunderstorm and I had to go and find her. She was two miles off course and heading in the wrong direction! She was so frightened I escorted her back to the restaurant so she didn't get lost again. The food was stone cold by the time I made it back home nearly an hour later!!

Great birthday treat.... It was so thoughtful of DH to suggest I have a night off cooking hmm

Greyduster Wed 06-May-15 22:11:47

I haven't had a takeaway - other than fish and chips occasionally - for years. I love Chinese and Indian food, but DH does not, so although he wouldn't mind if I ordered a take away, I haven't, despite being bombarded with very tempting leaflets, for every kind of takeaway imaginable, which pile up on our doormat. One day, one day.....!

Marelli Wed 06-May-15 22:21:08

Now and again we order a takeaway from our local Indian restaurant - maybe once a month or so. However, as greedy as I am, I'm finding I can't eat it all these days. DH usually polishes off what's left, the next day, though! grin

Charleygirl Wed 06-May-15 22:22:10

I have fish and chips maybe once every few months. I have had the odd Indian or Chinese takeaway years ago but I did not like the food. I have neighbours who appear to live on pizzas. I have never had a takeaway pizza in my life.

janerowena Wed 06-May-15 23:12:40

We can go for years with perhaps one lot of fish and chips a year. This year however DBH has discovered the delights of a very good local Chinese takeaway - it really is excellent, and very fresh and healthy. He is a healthy food freak, so has always been sniffy about takeaways, which I miss, so I am not discouraging him!

The portions however are large, so we halve them and eat the remainder another day. Even so, we have only used them four times over the past year.

ninathenana Wed 06-May-15 23:33:37

We have a Chinese every couple of months or so. I have only ever had take away pizza on a couple of occasions but that was ordered by DD' s ex when we were at theirs.

Ana Wed 06-May-15 23:37:27

I have never ordered a takeaway in my life, and I can't imagine why anyone would choose to eat a slice of pizza as their evening meal!

Eloethan Wed 06-May-15 23:38:59

I have fish and chips about once a fortnight.

We very occasionally have a Chinese takeaway.

We go out to eat about two or three times a week. My husband is a vegetarian and I am a non-meat eater and we have over the years found a few places that we like and which are quite reasonable.

feetlebaum Wed 06-May-15 23:40:03

Now and again I'll have an Indian take-away - although I've never had one delivered. My nearest restaurant now uses transparent plastic containers with press-on lids - I wash them after use and they make great fridge boxes!

I must agree about the size of portions as one gets older - the last fish and chips I bought lasted two days, and there was still almost half left to be thrown away.

rascal Wed 06-May-15 23:49:27

I can never have a takeaway unless there are gluten free ones and they seem to be like hens teeth! I am not large in fact I say I'm quality not quantity!

kittylester Thu 07-May-15 06:33:22

I too have to have gf rascal and agree that it is not easy to find takeaways that one can be sure of! Our local Indian takeaway is very good though so that is our easy meal of choice and we probably have one a month.

Most of the big pizza chains now have a gf option and the small pizza takeaway in our village used to do one too but stopped 'as there was no call for it'. Baffles me that they couldn't keep a few in the freezer.

Fish and chips is a no go area because the chips are cooked in the same fat as the battered fish etc. A fish and chip shop in town has a gluten free day one Sunday per month but fish and chips on Sunday offends my Mrs Bucket sensibilities!

I haven't dared risk a Chinese takeaway!

absent Thu 07-May-15 07:03:32

As a rule we don't eat takeaways although recently we had fish and chips for the second time since we moved here two years ago. I understand that there is a very good Thai takeaway within easy walking distance of our house, but Mr absent has become increasingly conventional and traditional about what he wants to eat as he has got older – he's only 62 but sometimes behaves as if he is 82 – so we don't use that. I like to make my own pizzas but if there are four or five grandchildren here, there is insufficient room in the tiny oven in my tiny kitchen to do that, so I tend to buy ready-made or takeaways for them – but only once in a while. I can't remember when I last bought an Indian or Chinese takeaway. I never buy MacDonalds, Burger King or other burger takeaways as I don't like them. We do occasionally take ourselves to the local pub/restaurant which serves very tasty meals cooked in their own kitchen. It is quite nice to have the occasional evening when I don't have to be creative with a mushroom.

nannieroz111 Thu 07-May-15 07:46:12

I would like to sing the praises of a certain well known pizza takeaway in Newquay. On our last little breakaway, my late DH had a GF pizza several lunchtimes. All prepared in a special prep area, on gf base, new pack of mushrooms and cheese, clean ladle for sauce, and once baked, cut with a clean cutting wheel. Excellent service.

Iam64 Thu 07-May-15 08:51:34

We have a Bangladeshi take away down the road that has Le Routier approval. The food is great and is cooked as you wait so you watch which ever chef is on duty putting your food together. They deliver as well and the food isn't over priced, portions are huge. We have food from there about once a month.
I only eat meat free when away from home or ordering from the take away. The veggie dishes from the Bangladeshi take away are excellent.

hildajenniJ Thu 07-May-15 09:02:39

We have an occasional Chinese or Indian takeaway, but it has to be a treat these days. When the children were young we sometimes had takeaway pizza. DH used to deliver for a pizza takeaway where we used to live. Our local Indian takeaway was involved in a scandal recently, they were raided by the police and several illegal immigrants were arrested.

Nelliemoser Thu 07-May-15 09:10:03

Only rarely have I had takeaways, we are both veggies. chinese vege food is not very inspiring but Indian food does cater well for vegetarians as it is a big part of their culture.

I am not a big fan of pizza. All it is is a big toasted cheese salad sandwich, with some veg on top. Ok for a snack when little else is available.

Teetime Thu 07-May-15 09:10:35

We haven't had a takeaway since I retired from full time work 7 years ago. Although we love all kinds of ethnic food I find the takeaway cooking far too greasy and overpriced so we would eat in a restaurant if we fancied a curry or something. I do my own fish and chips - DH doesn't like fish battered so I pan fry it and make potato wedges from the large backing potatoes which I spray with Fry Light and oven bake. I have never understood having a pizza delivered- pizza needs to be lava hot for me so I want it straight from the oven to my plate. Again its very fatty so its a couple of times a year treat at a good Italian..

vegasmags Thu 07-May-15 09:23:51

When I visit my DD in London, we always have sushi delivered from a local specialist restaurant. It's absolutely delicious, and so beautifully presented. I think that takeaway/delivered meals have their place in the grand scheme of things. When the DC were teenagers, and had their friends round, I would often order pizza because I was too tired to cook, it was a treat for everyone and there was no clearing up.

Stansgran Thu 07-May-15 09:44:43

We have a great fish and chip shop in Durham. The fish is off the boat and you can see on a board which boat has landed it. It is expensive but it's so fresh and I don't eat the batter. We also have a very good Indian restaurant a little outside Durham called Le Raaj and I found out they do takeaway recently. I wouldn't bother as they really serve it well in the restaurant and I think it's Northern Indian cookery. About once a month for the Indian but not takeaway and every couple of months or so for the fish. It has to be a treat.

soontobe Thu 07-May-15 13:02:38

Chinese, once a month. McD, once a month. Fish and chips, rarely. Probably only had takeaway pizza three times. Didnt like it any of the times.

NotTooOld Thu 07-May-15 13:39:53

We have recently had a fish and chip van visit our village. Mr NTO refused to use it at first but when I was out of cooking-action for a while after hospital discharge, he decided to give it a go and it was magnificent. Now we share a portion of fish and chips most Fridays. Yum-yum, long may it continue. (Please no-one tell me how many calories in a portion of fish and chips - I don't wish to know!)

FlicketyB Thu 07-May-15 13:42:33

We have fish and chips a couple of times a year and that is all. We find by the time we have found the take-away menu, chosen our food, either phoned through and waited for the delivery or gone out to order over the counter and sit and wait, we might as well drive to our local Indian Restaurant and have the meal in the comfort of the restaurant, with food plated and no washing up.

We are just too lazy to eat take-aways.

Greyduster Thu 07-May-15 15:52:11

It always amazes me that DH has not eaten a chinese take away for years, and when I think back to when we were first married and living in Singapore, a little man with a charcoal brazier on a barrow used to come down the road ringing a bell and DH would dash out with a bowl and come back with - variously - nasi goring, mah mee, or some other stir fried concoction which he would eat with great relish, washed down with Tiger beer. I once offered to go out and get it for him, and when I saw this little man and his portable kitchen, I recoiled in horror. He was filthy. His barrow was filthy. His wiping cloths and equipment were filthy. I went back inside and yelled "you are not eating anymore of that! You'll get something horrible!" Whereupon he grabbed the bowl and chased the man down the road! He never did get anything horrible. Cooked at extremely high heat and served immediately, germs would have had no chance to flourish I don't suppose. And yet now, he will not eat food even the most hygienic takeaway. Can't fathom it, myself!