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Too much chilli - HELP!!

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singingnutty Wed 27-Dec-17 16:20:11

I've just made a huge pan of veggie chilli which I want to serve on NYE. It's much too strong. I used only one chilli and some chilli flakes and made about 5 times what I would usually make. Is there anything I can do to tone down the taste? Would more salt help, or some sugar to bring out the tomato taste? (I've got 3 tins of toms in it). Will keeping it a few days improve it or is this a vain hope?

SueDonim Wed 27-Dec-17 16:23:19

Milk is usually used to temper chilli. Can you stir in some sour cream?

Keeping it is likely to enhance the flavour!

SueDonim Wed 27-Dec-17 16:24:38

More hints here.

hildajenniJ Wed 27-Dec-17 16:25:37

Putting dairy of some sort in helps. Can you add cream and a bit of cheese, being that it's a veggie chilli?

Eglantine21 Wed 27-Dec-17 16:33:51

Divide into half and add more veg and tins of tomatoes to each till they are as big as the original. Freeze the extra for another day.

singingnutty Wed 27-Dec-17 17:53:18

Thanks for the replies so far. I will add sour cream or yoghurt when I serve it. Also I looked at the link which suggested lemon juice and sugar and added small amounts which helped a bit I think. OH just tasted it and said he thinks it is ok. Problem is that we like spicy food but not all our guests will! More help appreciated if possible although I suspect I've already got the best suggestions.

Jalima1108 Wed 27-Dec-17 18:04:34

Dark chocolate? That sounds odd but I think it is a classic in chilli.
And do what Eglantine suggests, making one half milder and the other spicy.

Iam64 Wed 27-Dec-17 18:53:43

Dark chocolate is the classic for a hot chilli. It sounds great and putting some sour cream and yoghurt on the table adds to the fun

kittylester Wed 27-Dec-17 20:21:43

We put sour cream on the table for the children to add to chili as they like it cooler than adults. The other thing is to have a bowl of sliced hard boiled eggs. Weird but delicious and would go really well with a vegetable chili.

Jalima1108 Wed 27-Dec-17 20:37:12

Presumably you left the seeds in!

Norah Wed 27-Dec-17 22:30:52

I usually add honey, a little at a time, and tin of tom if the peppers are too hot. I think the idea to divide in half and tone half down is good. To the half to reduce spice you could also add veg broth.

BlueBelle Wed 27-Dec-17 22:52:45

My West Indian in laws always put some mashed cooked apple in if it was too hot

varian Wed 27-Dec-17 23:01:19

Potatoes absorb other strong flavours.

Jalima1108 Fri 29-Dec-17 19:24:23

Yes, I had heard that if you over-salt soup or another dish, put in a whole potato, carry on cooking and it will absorb the salt.
Don't eat the potato then - obviously!

annodomini Fri 29-Dec-17 20:28:14

A raita made with yoghurt, chopped cucumber and freshly chopped mint is very cooling. As an extreme measure, once (and only once) when I'd made a very hot curry, I drained off some of the sauce and replaced it with an equivalent amount of unseasoned stock. No-one noticed.

jeanie99 Sat 30-Dec-17 09:06:52

I make vegetable and lentil soup with chillies and the lentils certainly with lesson the strong chilly taste.
Depends how much you have made but I use two cups of dried lentils to my soup.
What I would do is cook the lentils and after cooking add slowly tasting as you go.
Best of luck

Nelliemoser Sat 30-Dec-17 23:26:28

I think taking milk products can reduce the firey effect of chillies.