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Cold meat

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Teetime Wed 03-Jan-18 15:03:24

Has anyone got any suggestions as to what to do with left over beef (steady there vegetarians and vegans). We don't have it often and I don't buy a large joint but there is always some left over and I really don't enjoy cold meat and salad. Today I have sliced the beef and put it in a casserole with vegetables like my sisiter advised she does but I don't hold out great hopes for it. I could have made Cottage Pie which I love but don't own a mincer anymore - who does? The food processor doesn't do quite the same job does it?

Day6 Wed 03-Jan-18 15:08:27

I as about to suggest mincing it for meat balls Teetime but like you, I disposed of the mincer years ago.

I think I'd slice it thinly and cook it with fried onions then serve it with mash, veg and Yorkshire puddings. And gravy of course.

kittylester Wed 03-Jan-18 15:12:35

I can't stand rehashed meat but would love it cold with coleslaw pickles and fried potatoes. Sorry!!

Cold Wed 03-Jan-18 15:14:56

You can make a very nice cottage pie but cutting the beef into small pieces

beef curry
beef pie
beef pasta bake

OldMeg Wed 03-Jan-18 15:24:48

Buy those Aunt Bessie’s giant Yorkshire Puds (about the size plate) and cook as per instructions. Then line it with left over beef and fill up with vegetables and gravy.

Christinefrance Wed 03-Jan-18 15:32:36

That is one of my favourite meals OldMeg but my husband makes his own yorkie, plate size with all the roast dinner leftovers and lashings of gravy. ( not bisto ) yummy.

Baggs Wed 03-Jan-18 15:36:14

If I have meat left over from a joint, I cube it and reheat it in leftover gravy. I always have leftover gravy (made from the meat juices) because I'm a magic gravy maker. Then you can eat it with a baked potato and some carrots, or whatever.

whitewave Wed 03-Jan-18 15:38:55

Just made a cottage pie this very instant with left over rib of beef from nye. I use my food processor and it is splendid. So go ahead and enjoy!

Greyduster Wed 03-Jan-18 15:42:23

I would suggest the best thing to do with any cold beef or lamb is to curry it, or cook it in a strong tomato based sauce. I think that whatever you do with it, roast meat always has a particular flavour when reheated that needs heavily disguising.

jusnoneed Wed 03-Jan-18 16:02:57

I slice it and put it in gravy ready to reheat. If I don't want to use it straight away it goes into containers and into the freezer, makes a quick easy meal. I did this with some of the lamb I cooked at Christmas, made my own "proper" gravy for the dinner so made a bit extra with freezing some in mind.

Farmor15 Wed 03-Jan-18 16:10:52

Fajitas- can buy kit with tortillas and sauce or just buy packet of seasoning mix. Cut the beef into strips, roll in seasoning mix (I add a bit of flour), and fry for a few min. Add to sauce, then wrap in tortilla with some grated cheese on top. Microwave for about 30 sec to melt cheese. Tastes quite different to cold beef.

annsixty Wed 03-Jan-18 16:33:16

I do the same as some others. Make extra gravy and slice the meat into it and freeze.
We had brisket between Christmas and N.Y. that had been in the freezer for a few weeks.
It was absolutely delicious with creamy mash and veg.
One thing I always notice though is that frozen and reheated gravy is rather thin and watery, it gets a couple of teaspoons of Aldi gravy granules, which are far better than Bisto.

KatyK Wed 03-Jan-18 16:34:15

My DD makes a roast dinner left over pie. She puts meat, veg, potatoes, gravy, stuffing and anything else that's left over and bakes it in a pastry pie. It's delicious.

Fennel Wed 03-Jan-18 16:37:08

Slice thinly, make a batter, dip slices and fry.

NfkDumpling Wed 03-Jan-18 16:41:25

Slice into thin strips and add to a stir fry? Just add at the end to heat it quickly through.

nanaK54 Wed 03-Jan-18 16:43:10

KatyK I like the idea of that pie - sounds delicious

I have used cooked beef in stir fries.......but I actually really like it cold with salad

nanaK54 Wed 03-Jan-18 16:44:03

Crossed posts there with Nfk smile

aggie Wed 03-Jan-18 16:46:01

I use the food processor to chop the cooked left over roast , lots of onion cooked down with the gravy ( I do it in the microwave ) , add the " minced" beef and any left over chopped up carrots , top with buttery mashed potatoes and heat in a moderate oven for as long as it takes for the flavours to mellow . Always a fav in our house

NfkDumpling Wed 03-Jan-18 16:47:17

Great Minds nanaK54.

Nannykay Wed 03-Jan-18 17:01:42

I would cube it, add some cooked diced veg or just onion, add some gravy top with pastry for crust, or my hubby likes a suet crust. Or make pasties. I think someone said stir fry

CherryHatrick Wed 03-Jan-18 17:46:53

Beef salad made by tossing small cubes of beef in a dressing made from finely chopped shallot/onion, big dollop of mayonnaise, small dollop of mustard mixed together and diluted slightly with oil and vinegar. I eat it with a big chunk of bread and butter.

Norah Wed 03-Jan-18 18:07:05

Cube very small, add carrots, celery, tin of tomatoes, broth cubes, water, chopped parsley (plus gravy if you have any leftover). Cook until veg are just done. Cook farro in broth, separate to veg, while cooking veg. Drain cooked farro, add to veg mix. Heat through.

M0nica Wed 03-Jan-18 20:07:17

KatyK sounds like the Christmas pie I make every year, all the little bits of turkey, ham, sausagemeat and stuffing, left over roast potatoes and veg in a gravy sauce with a pastry topping. To my amazement it is almost more popular than the Christmas dinner itself and DGC refuse to go home until it has been made - and eaten.

I would also add beef pilau, and as a basis for a beef and vegetable soup. But I agree with all those who say if it is sliceable, slice, portion, cover with gravy and freeze.

Ilovecheese Wed 03-Jan-18 20:10:13

I can't believe people have got rid of their mincers! How do you make meatballs? Or burgers?

mollie Wed 03-Jan-18 20:15:23

I’m the same with cold red meat (but love cold chicken) but think stir fries and curries are an acceptable way to use up leftovers. Most recently I’ve just wrapped it up and stuck it in the freezer for the day I find the perfect recipe! I’ve got bones in there too - gawd, what does the contents of a freezer reveal about it’s owner?