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Electric Omelette Makers?

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Scribbles Thu 27-Dec-18 20:59:40

I love an omelette and, for years, made them on a gas hob in a fairly heavy bottomed omelette pan bought in France. Even if I say so myself, they were delicious.

Now, however, I'm living with an electric ceramic hob and going crazy! I cannot for the life of me get an omelette 'right'. They simply won't cook evenly and, when they do set, they have the texture of an old sponge and are usually stuck to the pan which is now just about wrecked.

As a result, I'm contemplating one of those electric omelette makers where you just put in the mix and close the lid. Has anybody here used one? And are they any good, or just a means of creating more egg-flavoured bath sponges? I'd be grateful for any feedback. Thanks.

absent Fri 28-Dec-18 04:49:53

I don't have a ceramic hob although I sometimes cook in my daughter's house where she has ceramic hobs. I do have electric hobs in my house because that's how it works in this country (no mains gas). I tend to heat the hob quite high before adding the butter, then turn it down to moderately low while the butter melts before adding the egg. (It takes longer for an electrically heated hob to cool than a gas hob.) Then I just add the eggs – no mixture of milk or water – and cook the omelette. It's fine.

Missfoodlove Fri 28-Dec-18 10:05:37

If you have a grill then cook the omelette on the hob for a short time then place the pan under a hot grill. ( I have a pan with detachable handle for this purpose). This should proxy’s perfect fluffy omelette.

Missfoodlove Fri 28-Dec-18 10:06:08

Proxy???? Produce !!!

Urmstongran Fri 28-Dec-18 13:19:19

Add some filling perhaps? Some mushrooms if you like them (and 1 of your 5 a day which is an extra incentive!) as maybe you won’t notice the less perfect texture that way!

grandtanteJE65 Fri 28-Dec-18 13:40:07

If you can use a cast iron pan on your hob, it will give you the best results. If it is new, let it stand for two days with cooking oil in it, before throwing out the oil and using it for the first time with the normal amount of oil or butter you use.

If you can't use a cast iron pan, I would suggest a ceramic frying pan. They can be quite expensive, but here we can buy cheap ones in the equivalent of the pound shop, so perhaps you can find one to try there.

I have an induction hob and find omelettes are better if cooked over low heat on it.

I didn't even know that electric omelette makers existed, so I can't advise about them.

Cabbie21 Fri 28-Dec-18 16:12:14

DH has bought one , goodness knows why, but I have not used it as I am quite satisfied with the omelettes I make in the traditional way.

Baggs Fri 28-Dec-18 16:24:20

Um... I make omelettes on a ceramic hob in an old omelette pan that has seen better days. They are as good and as tasty as ever. And my pan's fine.

MrBaggs is not allowed to use my omelette pan or my frying pan because, like many people, he is too impatient to heat them up slowly and keep the heat source no higher than low/medium during the cooking process.

I think ceramic hobs can take some getting used to.

In my experience soda crystals and hot water in a pan and left to soak will clean anything.

janipans Fri 28-Dec-18 17:49:18

I have some sort of omelette for breakfast nearly every day and use a Circulon frying pan with a lid. These pans are expensive but woth every penny as my eggs never stick even with minimal oil and the steam helps to set the top of the omelette.

Scribbles Fri 28-Dec-18 18:28:24

Thanks for all the hints, everyone. My pan is a ceramic lined and fairly heavy steel one - cost un bras et une jambe in France at a time when I'd never even heard of ceramic pans in England.

I think my main problem is the slow response of the electric hob. Put a pan on a low heat to get warm and nothing seems to happen so the urge is to turn it up so the bottom of the omelette then scorches while the top side doesn't cook ... This ancient hob will very likely be replaced by an induction hob sometime in 2019 which I'm led to believe behaves very similarly to gas.

Meanwhile, I've been reading through the reviews for several of the electric omelette makers on Amazon and the majority of users do seem to be happy and satisfied so I may treat myself in the winter sales. If it's a disappointment or after the new hob arrives, then Freegle will probably find a home for it.

Alima Fri 28-Dec-18 19:47:04

We haven’t made proper omelettes for years. Find that doing a sort of scrambled omelette in the microwave does the job.

gmelon Fri 28-Dec-18 20:05:49

Have you thought of buying a camping stove?
Little square ones that come in a plastic case and use gas canisters similar to aerosols.
One of those gives a gas ring for occasional use.
Put it on the worktop or on the (cold) hob and instant gas ring!

Scribbles Sat 29-Dec-18 14:38:01

Now there's a thought, gmelon! I might actually do that so thanks for the idea. (The daft thing is, I acquired one of those little stoves and canisters among my grandfather's effects - he used to take it on angling trips. When we moved, we decided we'd never use it and gave it away via Freegle. Doh!!)

gmelon Sat 29-Dec-18 15:28:10

smile Never throw anything away! Glad to be of help.