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supermum48 Thu 18-Apr-19 19:11:43

Honey buns - these were sold in a ring of 4 with powdered icing sugar on top. When you bit into them you tasted the honey. Delicious.
Lemon buns - bread buns topped with lemon icing with cream inside.
Wimberry tarts - a pastry case with wimberries inside and sometimes cream on top. When you bit into them, the juice ran out. So delicious, but wimberries don't seem to exist any more.
I had all these as a child in Manchester. Don't know whether they were a Northern thing or nationwide, but haven't seen any of them for years.

Urmstongran Thu 18-Apr-19 19:15:28

Stop this right now.

I’m from Manchester and I remember all these and you are making my mouth water just thinking about these treats!

Coolgran65 Thu 18-Apr-19 19:21:24

I recall donkey's lugs.
About six buns in a circle but they were teardrop shaped, rather like donkey's ears.

Joelsnan Thu 18-Apr-19 19:26:36

Must be a Manchester thing.
In Yorkshire we had (have) Bilberry Tarts which sound a bit like your Wimberry Tarts. You can collect the Bilberries from the moors towards the end of July. The tarts are delicious either open with whipped cream or as a pie with custard. Left your teeth and lips purple though.
We had (have) iced buns some used to call Sally Lunns, which are fingers of soft bread with icing on top only. These are often split and spread with butter.
I haven't heard of Honey buns though they sound nice.

midgey Thu 18-Apr-19 19:29:15

Had Sally Lunn spread with butter when I was at college in Bradford. Delish!

Maggiemaybe Thu 18-Apr-19 19:46:08

Oh, bilberry tarts, yes please! And Devonshire splits, with jam and cream inside. Stop it now, I'm on a fast day!

kittylester Thu 18-Apr-19 20:02:49

Arent bilberrues and whimverrues the same thing? Xx

Callistemon Thu 18-Apr-19 20:13:44

I don't remember any of those delights!

Yes, kittylester, whinberries and bilberries are the same thing. I used to pick bilberries for my mother to make a pie and it took hours to get enough as they are so tiny.

Grandma70s Thu 18-Apr-19 20:16:24

They turn your mouth purple, but a delicious taste quite unlike anything else.

kittylester Thu 18-Apr-19 20:21:09

My phone has a mind of its own!

Arent bilberries and wimberries the same thing?

lemongrove Thu 18-Apr-19 20:28:21

Bilberries ( also known as windberries) grew on the moors in Yorkshire ( probably on lots of moors.)
Greengrocers sold them at certain times of the year, and they were stewed and served with the cream at the top of the milk bottle...yum.
You can still buy Sally Lunns ( yes, delicious split and buttered.)Also (in Yorkshire) Russian slices and curd tarts.

BBbevan Thu 18-Apr-19 20:32:38

My grandmother made a wonderful whinberry tart. We would go up the mountain behind her house and pick a bowl full I think most of the bushes have gone now though.

sassenach512 Thu 18-Apr-19 23:17:05

Oh lemongrove warm newly baked curd tarts absolutely delicious 😋 'Thomas' a famous bakers chain in Yorkshire still make the best curd tarts IMO

Nannytopsy Thu 18-Apr-19 23:47:46

We used to pick bilberries on Cannock Chase. In the Black Country we got the lemon buns and also ones with coffee icing.

Willow500 Fri 19-Apr-19 05:30:02

I do remember the buns with lemon icing on the top and Russian slices.

We also used to be able to buy tiny Hovis loaves at our local bakery for tuppence - I loved to eat them plain with no butter/

BradfordLass72 Fri 19-Apr-19 07:55:46

Tiny Hovis loaves!! Oh, my goodness they were wonderful sliced (for my teddy and me) spread with butter and home made Lemon Curd.

I spent hours collecting and eating Bilberries on Harden Banks and on the moors above Otley (not the Chevin) and I agree, they have a taste all their own - and one I miss very much.

In Manningham, Lambert's Bakery on Thornton Road used to make the best bread and divine cream slices which we had as an occasional treat.
Oh the days of wine and roses whinberry and Hovis. grin

MamaCaz Fri 19-Apr-19 08:02:17

During a wine-making phase a few years ago, I picked about 16lbs of bilberries in one day, because we had read that they make a good wine. You can imagine how long that took me! grin

I love bilberry pie, but prefer homemade - the bought tarts used to be too sweet for me.

Camelotclub Fri 19-Apr-19 10:39:31

I love Manchester tarts but as I'm darn sarf we don't get them here!

Camelotclub Fri 19-Apr-19 10:41:35

P.S. You seem to have better cakes in t'North!

Maggiemaybe Fri 19-Apr-19 10:47:41

How could I have forgotten the tiny Hovis loaves? They must still have been around in the 80s as I can remember my DC loving them too.

GrandmaMoira Fri 19-Apr-19 10:51:27

I loved the tiny Hovis loaves. I wonder why they stopped as we do still have Hovis bread.
I've not heard of iced buns being buttered and I've never heard of any of the other cakes/buns even though my mother came from Lancashire.

Teddy111 Fri 19-Apr-19 10:56:48

My father used to take me in his lorry to Smithfield wholesale vegetable market where he sold his loads of spuds. He always bought me a Manchester tart. The other lorry drivers used to buy me Teddy bear shaped ice lollies. Never seen them anywhere else.They were lovely.65 years ago.

Legs55 Fri 19-Apr-19 11:07:09

My mouth is watering at the thought of Whinberries, I remember them from my Yorkshire childhood, here in the South West they call them Whortleberries, NT Property Shops often have the jam on sale, it's delicious. The proper jam for a Cream Tea on Exmoor I believe.

BrandyButter Fri 19-Apr-19 11:16:13

Oh yes you must always butter the iced-buns with real butter as well not the 'margarine' fake butters. I always used the tiny hovis to make sandwiches for dolls tea parties, cute and delicious. I even used to eat them with fish or beef paste on . I would rather eat grass now than have to eat that horrible paste grin, I am glad to say my food palate has progressed since those days, I wouldn't mind them now with a bit of philly and smoked salmon smile

Growing0ldDisgracefully Fri 19-Apr-19 11:19:31

Confused about the Sally Lunn's: I used to work in Bath, which has Sally Lunn's bakery and tea shop (dating back to medieval times), which sells Sally Lunn buns. These are HUGE buns, which can have either sweet or savoury fillings or toppings. Usually one half of such a bun is sufficient for a meal! (I know, I have waddled out of there a few times after stuffing my face on one .....). 🐖