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What’s for breakfast?

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Mamissimo Sun 12-May-19 09:44:01

I’m devouring the left overs of last night’s Chinese takeaway this morning before the other incumbents find it 🙂

I normally don’t eat until 1.00pm because I have a pathological dislike of the usual breakfast fare but I can be tempted by cheese....or fruit cake.

What do you breakfast on?

teabagwoman Sun 12-May-19 09:52:23

I can’t function until I’ve had breakfast. At the moment it’s usually overnight oats but I do love a full English. However if there’s any trifle left over from the night before.......

Calendargirl Sun 12-May-19 09:53:46

Porridge, toast made with low gi bread, orange juice, coffee. Same every day, summer and winter.

ninathenana Sun 12-May-19 10:04:00

Fruit and fiber cereal with semi skimmed milk, Actimel and a mug of tea.
I have this most mornings, except when DH cooks a full English and I have a mini English.

Gonegirl Sun 12-May-19 10:05:48

Two shredded wheat with blueberries. Same as always.

I am finding porridge to be less digestible these days. And I cba to make it.

Gonegirl Sun 12-May-19 10:07:54

I had fruit and fibre for my supper last night. (just a little bit)

DoraMarr Sun 12-May-19 10:11:24

Greek yogurt, honey, nuts, apple, orange juice. Except at the weekend, when I have croissants or pain au raisin, or toast and marmalade. Cup of tea first thing, of course.

kittylester Sun 12-May-19 10:12:50

This morning it was gf seeded toast and marmalade with a hot chocolate.

Generally its gf cornflakes and a glass of orange juice.

Saturday lunch time is when we have our full English.

Beckett Sun 12-May-19 10:18:40

Usually porridge with blueberries and walnuts but Sundays a full English.

Yorksherlass Sun 12-May-19 10:20:47

I could eat last nights chicken jalfrezi every day for brekkers, yum !

Mamissimo Sun 12-May-19 10:28:03

Nom nom Yorksherlass 🙂’ve got me thinking now...cold kebab?

It’s weird because I eat cooked from scratch healthy food every day so I must have an early morning appetite for instant junk gratification instead of a late night munchy gene.

Anyone eat avocado for breakfast?

henetha Sun 12-May-19 10:44:34

My breakfast varies according to what's in the fridge/cupboard. Some days it's just one crumpet.
Today I had overnight oats consisting of blueberries, banana, plain yoghurt and porridge oats.
Some days it's a boiled egg and toast.
And about once a month I have a fried egg with fried tomatoes and mushrooms.

EllanVannin Sun 12-May-19 10:48:05

The usual crumpets smothered in Lurpak and a cup of hot chocolate---every morning !

shabby Sun 12-May-19 10:57:10

Bacon sarnie, brown sauce and a cup of strong tea. Yum yum I could eat another one.

NanaandGrampy Sun 12-May-19 10:58:57

Egg and soldiers of course - it’s Sunday 😀🐣

TwiceAsNice Sun 12-May-19 13:28:13

In the week shredded wheat and blueberries. Bacon egg and beans usually on a Saturday sometimes with tomatoes/mushrooms/avocado whatever extra is in the fridge. We then share a large pot of coffee and do the Telegraph quiz . It’s become a ritual, myself, 2daughters and SIL .

lemongrove Sun 12-May-19 13:34:58

I try and vary breakfast fare, so either croissants, toast and marmalade, cereal with dried fruit, a boiled egg or a poached egg on toast or a bacon sarnie.

What I couldn’t eat ( ever!) is any leftover meals or even leftover puds.

I also require at least two mugs of tea 😁

Charleygirl5 Sun 12-May-19 13:53:00

I have a mug of coffee when I first surface but have breakfast 2-3 hours later and it is always toast with butter and either a banana (s) or marmalade spread over it with more coffee.

MiniMoon Sun 12-May-19 13:57:28

I rarely eat breakfast, but sometimes I have a slice of bread and butter or a crispness with butter and jam.

Auntieflo Sun 12-May-19 14:09:56

Mostly it is a cup of black earl grey tea when I wake up, then
muesli with a spoonful of granola on top, actimel, toast and marmalade and two more cups of tea.
Sometimes it’s a boiled egg and soldiers, or toast with honey and sliced banana.
I can’t very often have a full english these days, but two fried eggs are nice.
DH was often given left over curry for breakfast, (yuck) when in India, and when they all came home, in 1947, his mum would still do the same.

paddyann Sun 12-May-19 14:31:14

porridge with banana and berries sometime between midday and 2pm .I'm on the 16-8 diet though its tweaked to 17-7 which suits me better .I have the same breakfast every day only the fruit varies

BBbevan Sun 12-May-19 14:45:52

We have breakfast on Saturday and Sunday only. Berries and Greek yogurt, spelt toast, porridge, egg and bacon, omelette or boiled eggs are some of the things we have. During the week we do 16-8 fast. Keeps the weight off and the diabetes away.

Daddima Sun 12-May-19 14:50:12

My chicken - keeping friends visited last week, so I’ve enjoyed eggs every morning.This morning it was leftover cacio e pepe from last night ( spaghetti, grana padano cheese, & lashings of black pepper)
Usually porridge or toast and marmalade ( or cheese & ham toastie)

KatyK Sun 12-May-19 15:14:38

Mug of filter coffee, bite sized shredded wheat with blueberries, strawberries and skimmed milk.

Allegretto Sun 12-May-19 15:26:56

Porridge, blueberries and strawberries. If I run out of berries, I chop up a dried fig instead.