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Hot, Spicy Beetroot Chutney?

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Carillion01 Mon 29-Jul-19 12:05:58

I have grown my own beetroot for the first time this year, usually I'm given a supply from friends.
I have a lot!

I want to make a tasty not over-sweet chutney, if that's possible using beetroot. Should I add chilli flakes to a beetroot chutney recipe and/or some spices?

I've never made beetroot chutney before so would appreciate help and guidance. Thank you

J52 Mon 29-Jul-19 12:29:04

I have lost my beetroot chutney recipe ☹️, but when I made it last it was not over sweet as it had quite a lot of wine vinegar in it.
It came out more like relish and was very good. I’m off to search the Internet to see if I can find it.
One tip, wear plastic gloves to peel the beetroot.

Missfoodlove Mon 29-Jul-19 12:55:15

I have used this recipe successfully. I always use fresh ginger and fresh red chilli.

EllanVannin Mon 29-Jul-19 13:20:51

My mum used to make all kinds of chutney and had her own list of recipes but whatever happened to it I'll never know. There was one for the accompaniment of any meat dish too which she wrote and it was all delicious along with the jellies/jams she made from the fruits we grew.