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Boxing Day food

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Baggs Thu 26-Dec-19 12:28:33

I'm planning to make bowl-sized Yorkshire puds in my grandma's tins and fill them with bits of turkey in gravy. Veg on the side.


lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 26-Dec-19 12:35:46

Back to normal here as I visited sister and therefore don't have left-overs. After stepping on the bathroom scales and groaning I must shed a few pounds. No more treats.

ninathenana Thu 26-Dec-19 12:38:30

Cold gammon and jacket spud with pickles etc.

tanith Thu 26-Dec-19 12:40:46

Bubble and steak made from leftover vegs with cold turkey. Homemade mince pies with cream.

dragonfly46 Thu 26-Dec-19 12:42:54

Bubble and squeak also with the leftover potatoes and sprouts to have with cold turkey.

TwiceAsNice Thu 26-Dec-19 12:47:25

Bubble and squeak for tea with daughters home made turkey and ham pie. Mince pies and chocolate log with brandy cream for afters. We had kedgeree for brunch, a Boxing Day tradition every year also made by DD1 who is a very good cook. ( much better than me although I did do home made cheese straws as a nibble) .

kittylester Thu 26-Dec-19 12:55:43

We were supposed to have bubble and squeak but there are no veg left despite my doing sprouts and honey carrots in huge quantities.

So, potatoes and onions fried together served with gammon, cold turkey, pickles and the pigs in blankets I had the foresight to hide.

Lyndylou Thu 26-Dec-19 13:05:57

Cold turkey and ham with chips and fried eggs. One of the best bits of Christmas.

sodapop Thu 26-Dec-19 13:09:15

That's one of my favourite meals Baggs any spare places at your table tchsmile

jusnoneed Thu 26-Dec-19 13:12:31

No left over veg, only two of us yesterday so did normal meal amounts.
So today will be 'picky' meal as my son always calls it - cold turkey, gammon, mashed potato and salad. Various pickles etc. Sausage rolls/pork pie/scotch eggs. Buffet style to pick bits themselves.

tanith Thu 26-Dec-19 13:15:38

I actually did mean bubble and squeak

Calendargirl Thu 26-Dec-19 14:15:30

Bubble and squeak, cold roast beef, sausage meat stuffing, the left over choc log and lemon drizzle cake.
DH is out, he will come home expecting home made chips, but will be disappointed as there is enough left over veg, sorry.
(We usually have home made chips on Boxing Day as a treat)

Callistemon Thu 26-Dec-19 14:55:28

We were away yesterday, being well looked after so no leftovers here.

I'm cooking the gammon I should have cooked on Monday (but I felt grotty) with jacket potatoes and cauliflower cheese.
I've just iced the Christmas cake!

GagaJo Thu 26-Dec-19 14:57:48

No left overs! Argh. All eaten yesterday despite huge quantities of veg cooked.

I've just had Christmas pud and custard. No room for it yesterday (must be me that ate all the veg!).

Baggs Thu 26-Dec-19 15:09:34

There'll be enough for at least one more person, sodapop 🙂

Meanwhile, Minibaggs just crisscross cut a Camembert cheese still in its box (the lower half) and heated it in the oven so we dipped chunks of bread into it and dabbed on cranberry sauce. Mr Baggs felt sorry for people who have lactose intolerance: "they really do miss out, don't they?"

vinasol Thu 26-Dec-19 15:14:18

It'll be some of the turkey for us, with vegetables. Mum went home with a doggy bag yesterday for dinner this evening. We ran out of delicious stuffing, but after popping into the Co-op today and seeing some in there I didn't think it was worth buying it again.

Enjoy your Boxing Day meal all.

Callistemon Thu 26-Dec-19 15:33:24

No cranberry sauce here but I've just remembered I have some cranberries in the freezer which I didn't use last year.
They should be OK cooked, shouldn't they?

Smileless2012 Thu 26-Dec-19 15:36:44

Cold turkey, gammon and soup made today from the turkey carcass. Hate making it but it's so worth the effort.

I don't see why those cranberries shouldn't be OK Callistemon; enjoy.

Callistemon Thu 26-Dec-19 15:39:13

I'm off to make Cumberland sauce!

Elegran Thu 26-Dec-19 16:25:44

I ate at son/Dil's yesterday so have no leftovers. For tea yesterday I had spiced ham. Lunch today was a spiced-ham sandwich with mayonnaise, and I am currently munching spiced ham and Cornish wafer biscuits.

Did I mention that I put some ham in the slow cooker on Christmas Eve, with various whole spices?

phoenix Thu 26-Dec-19 16:37:23

Bubble and squeak (deliberately do extra veg, roast pots, sprouts, carrots, parsnips & swede, Mr P doesn't like carrots, parsnips or sprouts but loves Boxing Day bubble & squeak) tchconfused cold turkey, cold gammon, cold stuffing, cold pigs in blankets.

We had a bit of a cheese fest at lunchtime, discovered some new ones amidst the usual Brie, Stilton favourites, can really recommend Sainsbury's truffle cheddar!

Helenlouise3 Thu 26-Dec-19 16:46:15

We had honey roast parsnips & cauliflower cheese left from yesterday along with a few potatoes. I threw the potatoes in the deep fat fryer and had the lot with some fresh garden peas and gravy. no pudding yet. We'll have something later. Hubby's tucking into some pistachios now.

Maggiemaybe Thu 26-Dec-19 17:21:48

Bubble and squeak for tea - I’m just off to choose which leftovers to throw in it. Breakfast was boiled egg and toast, and two port wine jellies. Mid-morning snack a small box of violet creams. Dinner was a mixed cheese plate with smoked salmon, a small bread roll, gherkins and olives. And Pringles. Mid afternoon snack was Christmas cake and more cheese. And a mini mince pie. Supper will probably be a couple of glasses of wine and a well-deserved dose of indigestion.

rubysong Thu 26-Dec-19 17:33:57

Reheated (thoroughly) turkey, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, veg, followed by trifle. Hopefully that will leave some space in the fridge.

KatyK Thu 26-Dec-19 17:34:09

I've just prepared a buffet for 10 people. I've gone comedy over the top as usuual tchshock We'll be eating it for days tchsmile