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Butternut squash

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Hildagard Sun 04-Oct-20 10:35:32

Good morning, would anyone of you know what I can substitute for butternut squash in a recipe please? I keep seeing new recipes and they all seem to have this in and I really do not like the texture.

Teetime Sun 04-Oct-20 10:41:21

Depends what you are cooking I think. If its a casserole type meal or soup then almost any vegetable, we dont seem to get turnips anymore but they would work or swede.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 04-Oct-20 10:43:06

Yes turnip or swede or carrot any root really - celeriac also.

shysal Sun 04-Oct-20 11:02:22

Do you like sweet potato? It would even look similar.

Hildagard Sun 04-Oct-20 12:06:10