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Bland fish pie

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Stoker48 Mon 12-Oct-20 14:31:07

I bought some fish pieces yesterday and poached them in little bit of wine, then thickened with few tablespoons of creme fresh at the end. Topped with mash potato mixture and cheese. Looked great. Tasted very bland.
There’s loads left over. Any suggestions how to zing it up a bit?
Thank you

grannylyn65 Mon 12-Oct-20 14:42:33


Esspee Mon 12-Oct-20 14:43:25

Coriander leaves and zest of lemon work well with fish.

Greyduster Mon 12-Oct-20 14:48:27

I always buy a mix of white, salmon and smoked fish and it is the smoked fish in the poaching liquid that gives the sauce a lift as long as you don’t include too much. Sometimes I’ll add a glass of white wine at the roux stage and sometimes just chopped parsley or dill. Fish pie is my absolute favourite.

trustgone4sure Mon 12-Oct-20 14:49:49

Cheese sauce.

GagaJo Mon 12-Oct-20 14:55:02

Asian fish sauce. Just makes it more... fishy.

Babyshark Mon 12-Oct-20 15:29:09

It’s all about the cheese sauce for me. And grated cheese on top. Usually go with stronger cheese so I don’t have to use too much.

Davida1968 Mon 12-Oct-20 15:33:57

Worcester sauce? I find that it can really improve the "dull flavour" in some dishes. (Use sparingly, at first, though!)

Jane10 Mon 12-Oct-20 15:41:19

Crushed up crisps on top of the grated cheese gives a very tasty extra crunch

sparklingsilver28 Mon 12-Oct-20 15:52:27

Crushed smoked garlic clove or two in the sauce.

Witzend Mon 12-Oct-20 15:59:35

Grated mature Cheddar, salt, pepper and some chopped parsley. A few prawns, if you have any. And another splash of white wine!

May7 Mon 12-Oct-20 16:27:44

Smoked paprika added to fish pie gives it a lift. You could always just sprinkle some on top of the leftovers

Granx4 Mon 12-Oct-20 16:42:59

Think it would lift our spirits, particularly this year if the clocks didn't go back.

Jane10 Mon 12-Oct-20 16:47:24

Oh but I love it when the clocks go back! Curtains shut, nice and cosy, cat in front of the fire, lovely.
Not sure what fish pie has to do with it!

kittylester Mon 12-Oct-20 16:58:46

Nutmeg, sliced boiled eggs, lemon rind.

I poach mixed smoked and unsmoked fish in milk with peppercorns, bay leaves, strain put in dish, top with sliced hard boiled egg, cover in cheese sauce with the lemon rind, nutmeg, chopped parsley and topped with mash and covered in cheese.

I now need fish picked!

Kalu Mon 12-Oct-20 17:09:25

Poach smoked and unsmoked fish with bay leaves. Add cheese sauce over fish, top with mash to which I add chopped garlic chives and top again with grated cheese.

Fennel Mon 12-Oct-20 17:15:09

Cheese or parsley or tomato sauce are good ideas.
Finally - mash it all up, add an egg or 2 and make fish cakes.
Shape into patties and coat in breadcrumbs, matza meal, crushed crisps or cornflakes etc and fry in shallow oil.
With baked beans this is one of my husband's favourites.

varian Mon 12-Oct-20 17:26:48

A few tinned anchovies will make it saltier, fishier and tastier.

M0nica Mon 12-Oct-20 18:10:59

dare I say it? Salt.

Pantglas2 Mon 12-Oct-20 18:14:46

I’ve always added a teaspoon of Colman’s mustard powder to my white sauce for fish pie and find it 😋

TerriBull Mon 12-Oct-20 18:39:51

I tend to use a mix of smoked haddock, salmon and either cod or haddock. Fresh chives or fresh dill, a hard Italian cheese for the sauce. We add a generous sprinkling of ground pepper to such dishes, that's a personal preference.

WOODMOUSE49 Mon 12-Oct-20 19:05:43

I do kittylester recipe. Sometimes put dill in instead of parsley. Yummy

Rosiebee Mon 12-Oct-20 19:40:40

A pouch of M&S Cornish Cruncher Cheese sauce. Add a good spoonful of English Mustard, chopped parsley and lemon juice to taste and warm slightly to loosen it. Put some lightly cooked veg [broccoli /cauliflower /leeks etc] in bottom of dish, top with pieces of uncooked fish and pour over the warmed through sauce. Bake about 15mins @180 fan, then top with breadcrumbs mixed with parmesan and chopped spring onions. Bake 5 mins more. Yum, especially with tomato ketchup.

SpringyChicken Mon 12-Oct-20 22:49:17

Usually, the recipe ingredients includes fish stock - I use Knorr fish stock cubes, very tasty.

Missfoodlove Mon 12-Oct-20 23:02:50

No need to poach fish first just chop smoked and plain fish place raw in a baking dish.
Add chopped boiled eggs and parsley, capers too if you have them.
Then make a sharp cheese sauce with onion, lemon and Dijon mustard.
Pour over fish, top with mash and bake.