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Nettle soup

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Nannylovesshopping Wed 21-Oct-20 10:16:43

Have any gransnetters eaten or made nettle soup? I walk through fields with the spaniel and there are so many, they look fresh and vibrant. Obviously they are going to be tricky to pick, so is it going to be worth the effort, is it going to be delicious or yuk!

Alexa Wed 21-Oct-20 10:20:34

It's okay but only for young salad nettles, and not for any nettles contaminated by traffic fumes.

aggie Wed 21-Oct-20 10:28:50

They might be too old and tough just now , in the spring the young shoots are what we used to gather , gloves were useless , we wore two pairs at a time , hardier souls swore by gripping them tightly and never got stung . Nettles were thought to be a good spring tonic , they are thought to be rich in iron

Hetty58 Wed 21-Oct-20 10:29:37

You just pick the fresh tops (with sturdy gloves, of course) and I really like it. It's so good for you too (especially vegans) - and free!

Nannylovesshopping Wed 21-Oct-20 10:44:10

Thanks so much for all replies, Hetty58 just looked at your recipe, looks delicious, am definitely going to try it. Where I walk the nettles look very fresh and young, there were lots of sheep grazing in this particular field through the last two months, the sheep have been moved recently and the nettle are new coming through fast and furious. It was wonderful to walk through the sheep, they were very curious and came within a few yards, obviously the spaniel was closely tethered, although she wasn’t the slightest bit interested, no feathers you see, the pheasants earlier in the year, a different matter altogether 😂

EllanVannin Wed 21-Oct-20 11:00:36

Stick to spinach. grin If you need an iron hit.

Teetime Wed 21-Oct-20 12:23:03

I remember Barbara in The Good Life making nettle soup and they both hated it!