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Ham stock cubes?

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Jane10 Tue 27-Oct-20 14:21:25

Ive been looking for ham stock cubes for ages now. DH loves lentil soup and pea and ham soup and they really need the extra hamminess. However, all I can find are chicken, vegetable or beef stock cubes and some very fancy flavoured stock pot things. What's happened to ham?

Blossoming Tue 27-Oct-20 14:30:35

Morrison’s stopped selling Knorr ham stock cubes, but I think Tesco and Aldi still have them.

MiniMoon Tue 27-Oct-20 14:30:58

I used my last ham stock cube last week. I haven't tried to get any more, but DH who works in the Co-op says they still sell them.

I tried all over the place to find yellow mustard seeds. DD got me some with her Morrisons order. We couldn't find them in Tesco, Waitrose or Sainsbury's.

Marydoll Tue 27-Oct-20 15:17:06

You can still get both Knorr and Oxo ham stock cubes. I even saw them in B&M, if you have one in your area.

Jane10 Tue 27-Oct-20 15:17:12

I wonder why they seem in such short supply. Its not as though bacon is unpopular.

Marydoll Tue 27-Oct-20 15:31:18

I worked in the Knorr factory as a student. It was a long time before I could look a stock cube in the eye again! grin

Jane10 Tue 27-Oct-20 15:34:28

I've been looking for them in all sorts of shops for ages now. I noticed on Mumsnet there was another person lamenting the apparent shortage of ham stock cubes. I'll need to keep trying and if I ever find any I'll buy up the whole stock!

Marydoll Tue 27-Oct-20 15:37:43

Jane, I could put them on my online Tesco order and post them to you! wink

Jane10 Tue 27-Oct-20 15:57:50

I was in Tesco today but nae luck!

felice Tue 27-Oct-20 16:24:32

We have never been able to buy them here we can only get Lamb ones in the North African shops. I bulk buy the Ham ones when in the UK and have been known to ask friends to post some too me when I get a craving for pea and ham or lentil soup.

Witzend Tue 27-Oct-20 16:28:15

I usually make that sort of soup with the stock made from simmering a piece of gammon. Then the last ends of the gammon are chopped up to go in the soup.

Esspee Tue 27-Oct-20 18:20:34

I’ll need to keep a look out as I’ll be running out soon.

LadyHonoriaDedlock Tue 27-Oct-20 18:28:23

Get a ham hock and simmer it until cooked. Eat the meat. Put the bone and odd bits of jelly back in the pan, cover with water, add a bay leaf and other herbs to tastes and simmer for ages. Pour the resulting liquor in to ice-cube trays and freeze. Ham stock cubes on demand for ages.

Grannmarie Tue 27-Oct-20 19:16:31

Lidl sells its own name of ham stock cubes, good stand by if you don't have ham ribs.