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Why can't I make Yorkshire puddings ???

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HurdyGurdy Sun 13-Dec-20 20:04:37

I've never ever ever been able to do them. I "joke" through gritted teeth that I make Yorkshire biscuits, and for the last I-don't-know-how-many-years, Aunt Bessie has been my saviour.

I decided to try again today - and again, Yorkshire biscuits. I currently have a gas cooked, which I wholeheartedly loathe, but I've had the same results whether it's been a gas or an electric oven. They were in the oven on Gas 9 for 25 minutes, as the result was as in the photograph. The oil was in the oven heating for 25 minutes so I'm sure it was hot enough, although it didn't really sizzle so much when I poured the batter in.

I have always used the recipe in a Be-Ro book from aeons ago, and now I'm wondering if it's the recipe I'm using that's causing the problems? It is the same recipe as for pancakes, which thinking about it, surely can't be right!

What's your tried and tested, failsafe Yorkshire puddings recipe?

LadyStardust Sun 13-Dec-20 20:08:55

This!!! It uses 4 eggs which seems a lot but it makes amazing huge puddings. I failed constantly with my last oven as it just didn't get hot enough. New oven and this recipe and I'm the Yorkshire pudding queen!

LadyStardust Sun 13-Dec-20 20:12:29

Oh and a tip. Don't put the shelves too high up, or the puddings rise so much they stick to the top of the oven!

Smileless2012 Sun 13-Dec-20 20:15:37

Very hot oven HurdyGurdy and very hot oil so it sizzles when you pour the batter in. I use the same batter for pancakes and Yorkshire puddings.

4oz plain four, half a pint of milk and one egg.

Nanna58 Sun 13-Dec-20 20:30:33

Yes! 4 eggs is the way to go!!!!

Septimia Sun 13-Dec-20 20:34:33

I've always made edible Yorkshire puddings, but not amazing fluffy ones. I've tried all sorts of ways to make fluffy ones without success.

I don't often make them on their own though, by which I mean that I usually make toad-in-the-hole. A shortage of flour earlier in the year forced me to use plain flour - I had tried it before unsuccessfully.

Anyway, now it's bung all the flour, eggs, salt and milk together until they look the right consistency; grill the sausages on 3 sides, turn to 4th side and add oil, when oil is hot add the batter. Into the hot oven immediately and hey presto! Fluffy toad!

Marydoll Sun 13-Dec-20 20:34:53

I have found Jaimie Oliver's recipe is the best.

As others have said, you need to preheat the tin with a little oil, until it sizzles, then add the batter.

Your oven has to be extremely hot as well.

MamaCaz Sun 13-Dec-20 20:42:04

That's the same recipe that my mum and my grandma used, and that I have always used (all of us Yorkshire born and bred ☺).

The hot oven is essential.
I never managed to make good Yorkshire puddings in the twenty years we lived on a boat, because I couldn't get our calor gas oven hot enough but no problems at all since moving on land and having a 'normal' cooker.

Deedaa Sun 13-Dec-20 20:47:22

I could never make yorkshire puddings until I found James Martin's granny's recipe. If you google it you'll find it uses a lot of eggs and suggests refrigerating the batter overnight. The secret is to open the oven door after the first 10 minutes to let the steam out, then shut it and leave them to bake.

GrannyLaine Sun 13-Dec-20 20:49:25

@HurdyGurdy are you using a deep muffin pan or a shallow tartlet tin? I can't tell from your pic. If you are using a deep pan, I'm wondering if your oven thermostat is correct? Those puds should be much more browned in the time you have given.

MamaCaz Sun 13-Dec-20 20:58:56

In my last post, I was referring to what Smilelesssaid at 20.15, about her recipe ( 4oz plain four, half a pint of milk and one egg.)

I used the quote function, and have only just noticed that somewhere along the way I must have done something wrong, causing the quote to disappear!

Kamiso Sun 13-Dec-20 21:02:09

Perhaps you need to get your oven thermostat checked.

When we didn’t have guests my Yorkshire puds were fine but always flopped if there was an audience.

annsixty Sun 13-Dec-20 21:14:43

Get two drinking glasses, tall, same size, break two or three into one glass.
In the other measure plain flour and salt to taste to the same level as the eggs reach.
Put the flour into a large basin, fill that glass with milk up to the same level as the eggs.
Add the eggs to the flour and start to stir in , when incorporated start to add the milk gradually and whisk vigorously.
Whisk until it is really smooth and the surface is covered in small bubbles.
Bake as above in a hot oven in smoking oil or lard.
Job done.

annsixty Sun 13-Dec-20 21:17:24

I missed out eggs there in the first line, should read break two or three eggs into one glass.
Also leave in the fridge for several hours so that the cold batter goes into hot fat.

Callistemon Sun 13-Dec-20 21:30:05

Fan ovens are not the best for Yorkshire puddings, sponge cakes or anything that needs to rise.

Madgran77 Sun 13-Dec-20 21:32:25

3 eggs to 4ozs flour and half a pint of milk. Whisk well. Pour into VERY hot fat. Cook 30 minutes. Brilliant Yorkshires

jusnoneed Sun 13-Dec-20 21:34:12

Brian Turners method, works every time. Take two identical glasses and in one crack eggs (I use one or two for six puds). Place second glass next to first and using the level of the eggs as measure line put plain flour to same line. Put flour into a jug and then use the glass again to measure milk. Combine all ingredients in the jug.
Oil in tin into hot oven, when ready pour batter and cook top of oven about 15mins.
Same as annsixty.

fevertree Sun 13-Dec-20 21:36:01

... or buy the ready-to-heat ones off the shelf - not the frozen ones - at Waitrose! They are really 👌

Elegran Sun 13-Dec-20 21:37:33

Going by the photo, yours look too pale, which I would say means the oven isn't hot enough, the oil isn't hot enough when the batter goes into it or they need to be in the oven for longer - or even a combination of these.. An extra egg might to the trick.

Missfoodlove Sun 13-Dec-20 21:41:44

Is your tin deep enough?
It looks too shallow.

lemongrove Sun 13-Dec-20 21:44:44 need to be Yorkshire born and bred to make the best ones.😊

MiniMoon Sun 13-Dec-20 21:48:21

Really hot oven, mine is 220°c.
4 oz plain flour
2 eggs
Pinch of salt
Enough milk to make a batter the consistency of single cream.
(I use a bit less milk and before I put them in the oven I add really cold water to get the correct consistency). This is a tip I had from a Yorkshire friend.

Put a small amount of oil or lard into Yorkshire pudding tins and heat in the oven until really hot.
Por the batter into the tins and bake for 30 minutes or until nicely browned and well risen.


MiniMoon Sun 13-Dec-20 21:49:18

Ps. They should start to cook around the edges as soon as the batter hits the tins.

Nanagem Sun 13-Dec-20 22:14:23

200ml milk, semi skimmed
4oz plain flour - must be plain
4 eggs

Beat well until smooth, leave to stand , ok over night in the fridge. A liitle oil in to the pans, hot over - 200 or gas equivalent, should heat quickly just a few minutes, then the secret is to work fast and clean, pour the batter into the center of each cup, don’t splash the sides it effects the rise, then straight into the oven 25 minutes, do not open door.

HurdyGurdy Sun 13-Dec-20 22:20:37

Thank you all.

I half suspect the oven's just not getting hot enough. They were cooking on gas 9.

I know plenty of people swear by gas ovens, but oh my days - I absolutely loathe mine

I've got an oven thermometer, but the numbers are too hard to read. I don't think the oven's getting up to the correct temperature. Time to get an engineer out, I think.

We did have lovely pancakes though, with the leftover batter grin

I will try again in the week using some of the recipes and hints/tips above, and hope for the best.

Otherwise, I think Santa needs to bring a new cooker, don't you? wink