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Recently Acquired Food Favourites

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TerriBull Thu 18-Feb-21 14:21:23

Following on from the foods never tried thread, it occurred to me that there are several items in my weekly shop now, that I previously never bothered with, that are now such firm favourites, I buy them every week.

Greek yogurt

Over to you:

Beauregard Thu 18-Feb-21 14:52:05

Peppers - for years I thought I hated peppers, then we changed our cooking habits and started making recipes that include lots of peppers, so I tried them and realise I actually quite like them when cooked. I now buy 6 a week.

Also fresh Ginger - we now use it in several dishes every week.

Redhead56 Thu 18-Feb-21 14:59:17

Red peppers I eat them raw like apples lemons and limes grapefruit and passion fruit and beetroot. I never like cooked parsnips now I roast them just to eat on their own.

Ilovecheese Thu 18-Feb-21 15:00:45

Teriyaki sauce. Creme fraiche. Sesame seeds. Wraps.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 18-Feb-21 15:05:52

Between the first and second lockdowns when we were urged to 'eat out to help out' - seems ages ago, I went out for a pub lunch and had Eton Mess for pudding which was heavenly.

I've also discovered Camembert (covered with breadcrumbs?) which you bake in the oven - lovely.

Calendargirl Thu 18-Feb-21 15:09:00

Greek yogurt.

Maggiemaybe Thu 18-Feb-21 15:45:03

Frozen cherries.
Aubergine pesto.

Grannybags Thu 18-Feb-21 15:47:11

Pistachio nuts

TerriBull Thu 18-Feb-21 16:19:57

I also buy peppers every week, I invariably find a use for them and fresh ginger, adds a certain special something, it's such a distinct flavour.

MayBee70 Thu 18-Feb-21 16:34:29

Blue cheese and mushrooms. Can’t have too many mushrooms. Also realised how important celery is in so many recipes. Oh and jelly. I’m really into jelly at the moment, especially after seeing the recipe on here for orange jelly with carrot. Very refreshing.

shysal Thu 18-Feb-21 16:55:30

Smoked salmon.

Patsy70 Thu 18-Feb-21 17:16:04

Frozen summer fruits (on my porridge, with honey & yogurt)

GagaJo Thu 18-Feb-21 18:25:47

Merveilles. A Swiss carnival pastry. I thought they looked boring and bland and never ate them. Until someone brought some into work. Yum!

FannyCornforth Thu 18-Feb-21 18:33:05

Border biscuits
Oreo custard creams
Full fat milk
Ovaltine hot chocolate
M&S strawberry and clotted cream pies
Rice pudding

Fattening up poorly DH. I'm sure that you can imagine the inevitable side effects...

Missfoodlove Thu 18-Feb-21 18:44:29

Quinoa........ only joking😉.

Shinamae Thu 18-Feb-21 18:48:44

Dairylea dunkers..... fabulous....🙋‍♀️

BigBertha1 Thu 18-Feb-21 19:21:00

Not new to me but I love toasted onion bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese

TerriBull Thu 18-Feb-21 19:34:05

I always thought potatoes and cheese were boring until my 21 year old self in Interlaken and was introduced to a Swiss Fondue, well yum! yum! it went down a treat, helped along with some Schnapps, another first!

Gago Jo Eau de Merveilles is one of my favourite perfumes, I'd never have associated it with pastries, you live and learn grin They look nice though them there pastries!