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Babs758 Sat 27-Feb-21 12:14:04

Vegetarians please scroll past :-)

I ordered a seafood box as a surprise for my husband. It consisted of three courses with all the herbs, sauces and veg to cook a 3 course meal. Everything g in little cardboard pots.
Crab risotto, lobster salad and a Cornish cream tea.

And then, at very short notice, we got a vaccination booked. It was too late to cancel the order which arrived just before we left to get the az vacc.

Being nervous enough about the vacc (which turned out to be fine) I worried about side effects and whether I would be up to cooking.

I had assumed the lobster would be halved, precooked and prepared so was slightly horrified to be faced with a raw one with claws still tied. Hubby and I stared at it for a long while wondering if it was dead or not! We put it in the fridge and I decided to go ahead with the crab risotto! Fortunately it was crab meat in little pots. Risotto made and being kept warm I approached the fridge and the lobster! I picked it up gingerly looking for a twitch. No sign.
Hubby came in having looked up on the Internet the best way of a fast painless dispatch. Duly done and the now in halves lobster was grilled with herbs and butter for 15 mins - and was delicious and so fresh. .

I was actually quite proud of myself and fortunately no effects from the vacc apart from a sore arm and headache (which might have been due to the wine)!

So my wall calendar now has a vaccine sticker in the date with the word Lobster written around it. Two firsts!

Would I cook it again? Not sure but one way to support our fishing industry’s for a rare treat :-)

And can anyone advise on the best way to despatch a lobster should I pluck up the courage to buy a live one?

GrannyGravy13 Sat 27-Feb-21 12:47:13

Put it in the fridge for a couple of hours (sends them to sleep) then using a sharp heavy knife pierce the back of its head and slice through head longways quickly.

Babs758 Sat 27-Feb-21 12:51:14

That is what my husband did. Thank you!

YorkLady Sat 27-Feb-21 13:33:03

Look at Rick Stein At Home lobster box.
Three course meal all prepped. Lobster arrives cooked and halved..for you to make the sauce etc.
Great for a special occasion (2nd vaccination) 😁

grannylyn65 Sat 27-Feb-21 13:42:51

No way Jose

EllanVannin Sat 27-Feb-21 13:45:59

Ooooh, I could just eat a lobster salad grin It would go down just nicely as a starter with my mixed grill.

Enjoy !

Babs758 Sat 27-Feb-21 14:23:16

It turned out very well and was so sweet and fresh.. I am not sure I would go back to the precooked lobster anymore as such a difference.

When I have had the second vacc I am going to talk to my local fishmonger about it. btw I am rubbish at eating lobster as it is very messy and I never get the cracking of claws etc right. I always ask for this to be done in restaurants for me. Next food project may be lobster with spring onion and ginger and noodles which is a favourite of mine when eating out on special occasions..

Babs758 Sun 28-Feb-21 11:17:58

YorkLady I like your idea of celebrating the second vaccination :-)

Liz46 Sun 28-Feb-21 11:21:37

We had a memorable meal at a beach shack in Goa. We had lobster in garlic butter and it was fabulous.

They didn't have a menu and if you asked for one they just brought out a tray with the fresh catch on it!

nanna8 Sun 28-Feb-21 11:24:35

We got a couple of lobsters at Christmas but they were pre cooked. Still nice though, very sweet.

Kim19 Thu 04-Mar-21 03:52:24

I once treated myself to a whole lobster as they were on an excellent promotion in the supermarket. When I got down to the nitty gritty I simply couldn't deal with it and it ended up in the bin. Had no idea I was such a wimp. Always remember that with huge regret.

Witzend Thu 04-Mar-21 09:03:21

I’ve hardly ever had it, especially not when it’s a case of picking a live one and knowing it’s going to be boiled alive.🙁

When there’s a humane way of dispatching them, I just can’t understand why anyone still does it.
I’ve read that they die painlessly at about 70degF, but I can’t help wondering who ever actually asked the lobsters.

dogsmother Sun 07-Mar-21 11:40:40

Wonderful lobster, unbelievably we were buying it off the hedge here in the first lockdown. The fisherman that was selling that way was unable to sell it to the usual restaurants (naturally) and hedge selling is a normal thing here. Didn’t get any 5his time around though.

Witzend Mon 08-Mar-21 10:23:13

Talking of lobsters, while in Cornwall not long ago, we visited the lobster hatchery at Padstow. They keep hen lobsters in ‘maternity wards’ and grow the babies on for a while, until they’re more likely to survive, when they’re put back in the sea.

Fascinating to see the tiny new babies, floating around much like a form of plankton.

grannyactivist Mon 08-Mar-21 10:28:14

My son has several lobster/crab pots so I have the good fortune (outside of COVID times) to have a fairly regular supply of fish and shellfish. I find it easier to cook lobster than crab as I’m never sure of the timings for the latter.

Babs758 Wed 10-Mar-21 11:07:49

I think I will have to visit the lobster hatchery when able to do so. Probably out of season when padstow isn’t packed!