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Help marmalade disaster

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25Avalon Tue 02-Mar-21 11:45:25

I have just managed to burn my oranges before I even start. I used the cook oranges first method and put the Seville oranges in preserving pan, added water and left to simmer but sadly for too long. There is a spoonful of burnt liquid and the oranges have burnt on the bottom. Is there anything I can do to salvage them or is this a chuck away job? Probably too late to get more Seville oranges too. I am mad at myself.

PernillaVanilla Tue 02-Mar-21 11:47:35

They have some left in our local Sainsburys

Nonogran Tue 02-Mar-21 11:58:24

Decant gently if there's enough left, into a clean pan. Try not to decant anything burnt. Taste & make a judgement. Even if not perfect could you freeze and use to make orange for duck?
Poor you. What a pain! I use my phone for a timer so I never forget a pan on a stove. Or, Wilco sell inexpensive little timers which you can stick to the fridge or carry into another room.