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Recipes for vegetable side dushes

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kittylester Sun 14-Mar-21 21:09:03

I'm fairly sure I've asked this before but thought I'd ask again as we have lots of new posters.

I'm hoping for recipes for interesting vegetable side dishes. I do a few interesting things but really would like to expand my repertoire.

Thank you.

annsixty Sun 14-Mar-21 21:54:10

Have you tried onions cut across “the equator” and baked in Yorkshire pudding tins with butter .
I read it on Facebook and will try it this week.
It gets good reviews and as I love onions I can’t wait to try it.
My real favourite is honey roast carrots or parsnips but I am sure you have had those.
Tonight with our roast chicken we had the carrots with stir fried sweetheart cabbage,
Oven braised celery, courgettes in cheese sauce are also liked by us.
Would also welcome more suggestions to give more variety.

annsixty Sun 14-Mar-21 21:56:33

Forgot mashed root veg, parsnips, carrots and swede, with cream and creamed leeks with a cheese topping.

Blossoming Sun 14-Mar-21 22:10:55

Creamed fennel. Stir fried sprouts with garlic.

muse Mon 15-Mar-21 00:23:34

Root Veg Fritters - freeze well too.

It's a huge amount so I do half the quantity and still freeze some.

kittylester Mon 15-Mar-21 07:00:48

Oooh, I'll try to onions Ann. Those fritters look nice muse but not really a 'side'.

H1954 Mon 15-Mar-21 07:06:12

Roast cauliflower florets.....they are delicious but my OH isn't keen so we don't have them too often.

mumofmadboys Mon 15-Mar-21 07:42:07

I like the look of the fritters. Thanks

Witzend Tue 16-Mar-21 10:03:51

I sometimes do a stir fry with a variety of whatever I have, not just the mange-tout and mini sweetcorn etc. that are often in such recipes. So onion, carrot, celery, peppers, mushrooms, any cabbage, etc., all sliced fairly fine.
Just a little oil then a sauce of 2 tbsps water, 2 of oyster sauce, 1 of soy. I always add garlic, plus ginger and chilli paste too.

Another one I make is a sort of ratatouille - tomatoes, esp. any going a bit soft, onion, garlic, peppers, mushrooms, celery, carrot, courgette when in season. But again, whatever I happen to have that will ‘go’.

Jaxjacky Tue 16-Mar-21 10:30:34
This is lovely.

Pantglas2 Tue 16-Mar-21 10:35:21

I’m a recent convert to stir fried kale with finely chopped ginger, garlic and chillies. Serve with any meat or fish or dressed with feta and olives.

Aldom Tue 16-Mar-21 10:43:02

Muse I will be trying your fritters and will pass on the recipe to my vegetarian granddaughter. Thank you.

Gwenisgreat1 Tue 16-Mar-21 10:49:03

Not exactly a side dish, but I was expecting a crowd for nibbles and had been baking. I had some pastry left over, so made little tarts, put onion in the bottom and sprinkled grated cheese on top - Yum!! They proved very popular!

Witzend Tue 16-Mar-21 10:53:35

Ooh, they do sound nice Gwenisgreat1.
I have sundry pastry leftovers in the freezer to use up so will def. try some of those.

JackyB Tue 16-Mar-21 11:14:37

You can put most vegetables in with a potato gratin.leeks courgettes, carrots. In fact, I serve a potato gratin with leeks and plenty of cheesy sauce as a meal on its own.

Most vegetables are delicious boiled to just done but still with a little "bite", doused in icy cold water, then re-heated/kept warm in the original saucepan with some butter.

Add mint to peas, tarragon to courgettes, caraway seeds to cabbage.
Some veg can be jazzed up with white grapes, toasted almonds or walnuts.
Haricot beans rolled in bunches in bacon rashers.

Fennel Tue 16-Mar-21 18:47:46

Roasted cauliflower is supposed to be nice, though I've never made it.
Break up into florets, put into an oven proof dish.Sprinkle on olive oil, s&p,maybe some paprika and roast in a hot oven until browned.

PamelaJ1 Tue 16-Mar-21 18:53:01

I purée parsnips, already cooked, with horseradish, French mustard and mayonnaise. Yummy.
No recipe I’m afraid- it’s bung it cookery.

Jaxjacky Tue 16-Mar-21 18:53:54

Fennel I’ve done cauliflower with ground coriander seeds on it roasted, lovely