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Wood-fired pizza oven, best dough to use

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lilypollen Mon 22-Mar-21 19:11:03

Just ordered an outdoor pizza oven for DH's birthday - it will make a change from his barbecues grin. Would appreciate advice on the best dough to use - either pre-made or mixes.

Barmeyoldbat Thu 25-Mar-21 19:53:43

We make our pizza dough in the bread maker and it makes great pizzas. You could look the recipe up on google by looking at recipes for pizza dough either hand made or in a bread maker which is much easier.

Emily49 Thu 25-Mar-21 20:05:04

Sounds fun, lilypollen! How big is it? Is it freestanding?

Marydoll Thu 25-Mar-21 20:53:37

The best flour is Italian 00 flour, most supermarkets stock it.

Marydoll Thu 25-Mar-21 20:55:15

My son has just bought an outdoor pizza oven for his new house, which runs on patio gas. I'm green 💚 with envy, the results are fabulous.

Sago Thu 25-Mar-21 23:33:03

We must be careful not to be accused of one upmanship with all this talk of pizza ovens!
However, I make a sourdough pizza base that is heavenly, it’s even better once frozen so great to make a batch.

I hope you get some great weather to enjoy al fresco pizza.

lilypollen Mon 29-Mar-21 14:15:16

I picked up Jus Rol sourdough, Tesco ready rolled and Tesco mix, now I'll follow up these suggestions. Using the bread maker for the dough is an idea, I might then attempt my own as I use packet mixes.

emily49. It's an Igneous. Freestanding and is wood fired (we have kiln dried oak for a woodburner). I bought a stand so oven opening is at arm level. It's heavy when it has the removable pizza stones in. Pizzas are apparently ready in 90 seconds!! Sago yes definitely hoping to enjoy some pizza entertaining in the sun - as I can't see us being abroad this summer - so now need a stock of wine!

timetogo2016 Tue 30-Mar-21 16:56:47

You can buy ready to roll pizza dough.

DavidG1 Mon 12-Apr-21 10:41:17

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