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rowanflower0 Sun 04-Apr-21 12:07:23

I had never really liked beetroot on the past, but it has always been served to me steeped in vinegar. I also disliked it staining other salads, chicken, etc. Then I was served beetroot in jelly!
I am also told that beetroot also helps keep blood pressure down.
Cut cooked beetroot into cubes and place in a 2 pint dish; make up a raspberry jelly with boiling water, to the 1/2 pint mark; top up to 3/4 pint with red wine vinegar; pour over beetroot and leave to set.
No more staining, just tasty tangy jelly with lovely sweet beetroot - delicious!

grandmajet Sun 04-Apr-21 12:13:25

I love beetroot, pickled, baked, plain boiled, in coleslaw, any way really. However, your recipe looks weird. Raspberry jelly and red wine vinegar? Are you sure?
I’ll have to try it.......maybe.

tanith Sun 04-Apr-21 12:18:26

I love beetroot but I too am not sure about your recipe with Raspberry jelly.

rowanflower0 Sun 04-Apr-21 12:30:39

Give it a try - it's really good. People who taste it ask for the recipe

Scribbles Sun 04-Apr-21 12:40:36

That beetroot & raspberry jelly recipe is delicious. My paternal grandmother always served beetroot that way and I loved it, unlike the beetroot served by my other grandmother, soused in malt vinegar for aeons and made you think you could feel your teeth dissolving as you ate it. {{{shudder}}}

jusnoneed Sun 04-Apr-21 14:12:11

I make this with raspberry jelly (you can use cherry too) and ordinary malt vinegar. I put the recipe on here last year when someone was looking for it.

jusnoneed Sun 04-Apr-21 14:13:54

Should of said I make it to put it into jars, similar as you would chutney. Keeps well.

LadyGracie Sun 04-Apr-21 14:18:50

I made some brownies from the Fast 800 cookery book last week, beetroot and chocolate, DH loves it.

Redhead56 Sun 04-Apr-21 14:22:20

Thanks for that I love beetroot I eat it any way. It's nice in bhajis and in chocolate cake. It's lovely mixed with cream cheese with garlic and herbs and put into ravioli or periogis.

Blinko Sun 04-Apr-21 22:34:33

I love beetroot and am fascinated to learn this new (to me) way of serving it. Must give it a go.

Jane43 Sun 04-Apr-21 22:38:26

I love beetroot and will give this a try. DH hates it though.

Callistemon Sun 04-Apr-21 23:04:09


Give it a try - it's really good. People who taste it ask for the recipe

I have made that too and agree that it is delicious with cold meats, cheese and salads.

It's also good grated and baked in a chocolate cake.

Callistemon Sun 04-Apr-21 23:06:43

Ps if you put the beetroot into Kilner jars and cover with the hot jelly/vinegar mixture and seal whilst hot, it keeps for quite a while in the fridge too.

growstuff Sun 04-Apr-21 23:20:20

I have a recipe for chocolate and beetroot cake too - it's scrummy and so moist. I also love beetroot soup.

muse Sun 04-Apr-21 23:57:12

I grow a lot of beetroot and freeze it (cook first).

I regularly make a beetroot and chocolate (cocoa) cake with oil instead of butter. Other favourites: root veg fritters and soup with feta cheese on top. Never forget beets in with other roasted veg.

Esspee Mon 05-Apr-21 00:24:54

I make a lovely warm salad or vegetable side dish with cooked beetroot and raw butternut squash.
Cut up both veggies into serving sized pieces. Pour olive oil into a large bowl add lots of crushed garlic then salt and pepper. Toss the squash in the flavoured oil than place on a baking tray. Coat the beetroot in the remaining oil and place on the tray. I line the tray with foil and make a little wall to keep them apart. Roast in the oven. Delicious.

OnwardandUpward Mon 05-Apr-21 00:56:01

I'm also a fan of the wonders of beetroot! smile The beetroot makes a wonderful chocolate cake too!

I used to hate it and still do hate the type of beetroot that comes vacuum packed but when you get a salad with shreds of it in I quite like that. Do you think the vacuum sort has been cooked and maybe the shredded sort is raw? It tastes a bit like raw carrot to me.

Kim19 Mon 05-Apr-21 06:18:00

I'm very partial to beetroot too but always buy the one in sweetened vinegar. Much more to my liking.

Esspee Mon 05-Apr-21 07:12:21

OnwardandUpward. Peeling beetroot is messy so the precooked vacuum packed version is much more popular. It does taste slightly different but few people bother to buy fresh beetroot these days. Some only know what beetroot is liked when pickled, such a pity as it is wonderful roasted and certainly brightens up a plate. You do need to roast it separately if you don’t want the colour to stain everything else.

Beechnut Mon 05-Apr-21 07:28:25

I’ve made the Beetroot jelly and it’s something ‘I’m not sure of’ regards to liking. I won’t make it again.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 05-Apr-21 07:34:43

Just sown mine?

J52 Mon 05-Apr-21 07:45:49

I also adore Beetroot. I usually grow too much, so now only plant it every other year, otherwise I’ve too much bottled.
My MIL used to serve it sliced in orange juice.

foxie48 Mon 05-Apr-21 09:16:51

Another beetroot lover and always grow it so I can pick it when it's small. Unfortunately, the mice in the garden also love it so I have to share, any tips on keeping it nibble free would be gratefully received.

Magnolia62 Sat 10-Apr-21 17:21:11

Last year a friend gave me a jar of beetroot and orange chutney. Delicious and even liked by my husband who isn’t very keen on beetroot. So I then made some using a BBC Good Food recipe. Many say it was a bit spicy but you do need to leave it for a few weeks to mature. I recommend it.

3dognight Sat 10-Apr-21 18:44:52

No need to peel beets, just wash the soil off, twist (not cut) off the tops/leaves then boil or roast in their skins - they can just be squeezed out of their skins when cool enough to handle.

My sister cooks and eats the green tops too, I haven’t tried this, she says it’s the same as perpetual spinach.

I’m liking the sound of beetroot jelly, I’m not a fan of beetroot in vinegar.