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Devorgilla Mon 19-Jul-21 10:32:40

Anyone used the 'Lakeland' one who can give me the lowdown on their experience of it? Suggestions for other makes useful too. I used to knead my own but haven't made bread in a long while and I am thinking of buying one. Thank you in advance.

JaneJudge Mon 19-Jul-21 10:35:10

we bought the cheap amazon one and it's perfectly good enough. I wouldn't expect anything bad to be on sale in lakeland! smile

B9exchange Mon 19-Jul-21 10:38:16

We have a Panasonic, it makes lovely bread, but I have put it out of sight, if I make a loaf it I can't leave it alone, and I would be the size of a house, so only when we have visitors! grin

H1954 Mon 19-Jul-21 10:41:05

Ours is a Panasonic too. Never had any problems with it and we hardly ever eat commercially made bread now, much prefer home made with Hovis Granary bread flour.

Elegran Mon 19-Jul-21 11:02:51

I wouldn't be without my Panasonic.

Baggs Mon 19-Jul-21 13:41:49

I would expect anything from Lakeland to be good too.

I've had a Panasonic bread maker for twenty years and have hardly ever bought a shop loaf in that time.

Shrub Mon 19-Jul-21 14:40:24

Another vote for Panasonic here. I’ve had one for about 20 years too.

SueDonim Mon 19-Jul-21 15:08:28

Panasonic here, too.

Happiyogi Mon 19-Jul-21 15:08:32

I’m a Panasonic Person too! Just finished tasty lunch of today’s olivey, herby Italian loaf.

I’m on my second machine, having donated the first to a family member who still occasionally uses it.

I do recommend trying the fresh yeast recipe from the P booklet too.

Daisymae Mon 19-Jul-21 15:22:13

Panasonic with a timer. Pop everything in last thing and it's done when you get up.

tickingbird Mon 19-Jul-21 15:27:10

Strangely enough, an old friend was telling me today about her Panasonic bread maker and how it’s the best she’s ever had. She said it’s idiot proof and makes delicious bread.

Fennel Mon 19-Jul-21 15:40:21

If it's only kneading that's the problem why not buy a mixer with a dough hook? Since I could no longer do hand kneading that's what I use. I had a kenwood for years before it started to "grumble" a bit. I have a new one now.
Don't know about price comparisons but I can make 3-4 loaves at a time. Or 10 large buns. Extra goes into the freezer.

Nannarose Mon 19-Jul-21 16:48:44

I don't know the Lakeland one.
I had an old Panasonic that lasted about 20 years, and when I cam to replace it about 5 years ago, I thought I would get a fancy version that would automatically add things like fruit. I found that part useless, and although it remains a very good breadmaker, I could have bought the basic model!

Callistemon Mon 19-Jul-21 16:53:19

Last time I used my Panasonic breadmaker I thought the mix looked a bit dry so added extra fluid and the machine ground to a noisy halt.
I've been rather reluctant to measure out all the ingredients for another loaf and try again in case it has gone completely kaput.

Devorgilla Mon 19-Jul-21 21:54:06

Thank you for your comments. Panasonic seems popular so I will also look at it. I know Lakeland products quite well but sometimes a personal take on an item highlights pros or cons.

mumofmadboys Mon 19-Jul-21 22:58:34

I bought my Panasonic from Lakeland at least 10 years ago.

GranJan60 Sat 24-Jul-21 12:07:59

Join those enthusiastic Panasonic fans. We like wholemeal bread and this is perfect and foolproof. Replaced 10 yr old one with sourdough model and this is really good too. Have also experimented with own starter v the yeast-based one in the recipe book and this also works although a bit more of a challenge. Would really recommend.

Barmeyoldbat Sat 24-Jul-21 12:50:04

Panasonic and we have had it donkey years and it has never let us down.

Septimia Sat 24-Jul-21 12:55:17

Buy a good food mixer to do all the kneading, let the bread rise and then just bung it in the oven! I used to knead by hand but was beginning to find it harder to do, so DH bought me the mixer and it's a real boon.

Jostanno Sat 24-Jul-21 12:57:43

I've used my Lakeland compact bread maker for years now. Love it! Ideal for small loaves. Pizza dough is good too.

Iwtwab12bow Sat 24-Jul-21 15:42:19

My only criticism of bread makers is the hole in the bottom of the bread when you take the loaf out. Does anyone have any tips please ?

foxie48 Sat 24-Jul-21 19:43:52

We've had our panasonic for 6 years and never buy bread now. It's one of the best things we have bought, I love the bread, it is so easy and it's lovely waking up to the smell of fresh bread. Visitors are very impressed except the couple who were light sleepers, slept in the room above the kitchen and couldn't work out where the noise of the kneading was coming from!

nanna8 Thu 29-Jul-21 12:49:31

I got my old Panasonic out during lockdown after many years at the back of the cupboard. I love it and use it all the time now. I buy lauke bread mixes, so easy and lovely grain bread.

Devorgilla Fri 25-Feb-22 19:21:21

Ok. So my daughters bought me a bread maker for Christmas. All going well so far but I wanted to tap into expertise of the Grans. I'd like to try the overnight delay so that I have freshly made bread in the morning but I am wondering if you put ingredients in at any time the day before or is it best to leave it until quite late. I am convinced flour must sink into the water and get stodgy. Your experience of the delayed time would be useful.
Also, I'd like to try one of the recipes with potato flakes. Any idea where I can buy these? Thanks in advance for your replies.

Humbertbear Sat 26-Feb-22 08:31:22

We bought one for £50 in Aldi and it does the job. What I love is that there is no mess .