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Greyduster Sat 24-Jul-21 12:06:29

Does anyone freeze meatballs uncooked, and do they defrost without falling apart? I usually cook mine and use them straight away - I’ve never tried freezing them.

timetogo2016 Sat 24-Jul-21 12:12:11

I have frozen them and they were fine.
But if you are unsure cook them then freeze them.

Calendargirl Sat 24-Jul-21 13:29:04

Yes, I freeze them uncooked. I open freeze them before bagging them up. They defrost ok, I try and make them quite firm in the first place though.

Calendargirl Sat 24-Jul-21 13:29:49

Also freeze them on a plastic tray in the bag.

Greyduster Sat 24-Jul-21 14:17:04

Thank you ladies; that’s reassuring. I plan to make a big batch this weekend and freeze them.👍🏻

Tizliz Sat 24-Jul-21 15:28:21

I cook mine then freeze in a tomato sauce. I was frying them until I was video calling my son and watched him cook his in the oven, much easier