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Bananas flambé tonight

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Witzend Sat 31-Jul-21 11:48:06

After having the 2 elder Gdcs for 2 nights, I have both pancake batter (Nutella pancakes for breakfast) and bananas left over, plus everything else needed, inc. orange liqueur.

B9exchange Sat 31-Jul-21 14:55:27

[Witz] You are not helping my diet! grin

Witzend Sun 01-Aug-21 10:12:26

We didn’t have them after all! As dh reminded me, there was an Asda’s Extra Special sticky toffee pudding in the fridge that was just past its use by date. We so rarely have puds - it was left over from a guest’s visit.

The STP was very nice - we’ll have the bananas tonight.🐷🐷