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Frozen Wholefood ready-meals... do they exist?

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NotSpaghetti Sun 01-Aug-21 22:02:53

Just that really.
A good friend who lives some way away is finding cooking a chore since her husband died.
She is vegan and only eats wholegrains. Any ideas please?
I was looking to surprise her with a delivery of easy eats but can't seem to find anything.

I may be looking in the wrong places of course. Ideas welcome!
Thank you!

Blossoming Sun 01-Aug-21 22:15:52

Have you looked at the website? I haven’t tried it myself but it seems to have a wide choice.

NotSpaghetti Sun 01-Aug-21 23:34:04

Yes - thank you for the suggestion though - it looks like white pasta, white rice and white noodles but lots of vegan choices.

cornishpatsy Sun 01-Aug-21 23:42:10

Is there is a vegan restaurant nearby that you could phone and ask if they do take away and would deliver to her.

NotSpaghetti Mon 02-Aug-21 00:18:28

Maybe, good idea.
I suppose the wholegrains/wholefood is likely to be more of an issue than being vegan these days..

Maybe I should try to do it the other way round and look for a wholefood restaurant as they are quite likely to have some vegan options.

MawBe Mon 02-Aug-21 07:58:27

Wish I was 30 years younger when I still had my catering business!
40 plus years ago a friend and I used to deliver cooked meals (pre- M&S ready meals) to a group of very sweet and in some cases rather grand people in Kensington and Westminster. We would change the menu choices each week and deliver main courses, soups and puddings in oven proof dishes to keep in their freezers until needed. A sort of upmarket meals on wheels! The arrival of another baby (me) and a move out of London (her) put an end to it, plus M&S got in on our act.
But wholefood/ vegetarian/vegan - now there’s a good idea!

25Avalon Mon 02-Aug-21 09:08:15

Some of the meals on Cook are vegan so could be worth a look.

NotSpaghetti Mon 02-Aug-21 10:26:08

Thanks Avalon - I looked at Cook first and did put a number of theirs in a basket as they have things without any rice/pasta/noodles.. Cook will definitely be my back-up but I confess I've had a couple of the vegan options and wasn't very impressed (though the chickpea tagine was quite good if you make things to go with it).

MawB I would have thought the wholefood side of things would have grown over the years but I honestly think it hasn't. Maybe it will be the "next thing".
I remember Cranks cafes/restaurants in the 70s when we first found wholefoods and the rise of Suma and the wholefood shops in small market towns. I'm amazed that there hasn't been more growth to be honest.

Lincslass Mon 02-Aug-21 10:33:15

Try Able and Cole, have some whole food options I think

NotSpaghetti Mon 02-Aug-21 10:41:23

Oh. Thanks Lincslass - will have a look.

NotSpaghetti Mon 02-Aug-21 18:19:33

Able and Cole have a very few optionz and I'm struggling to find a cafe/restaurant near enough to deliver which does wholefoods.

Would still be grateful for more suggestions if anything else springs to mind. Thank you all for the ideas regardless.
Last resort - I will go with Cook.

M0nica Tue 03-Aug-21 16:48:23

How about searching with the 'organic' tag? I would have thought that organic suppliers probably use whole grains etc and are likely to have some vegan dishes on offer.

Maggiemaybe Tue 03-Aug-21 17:23:09

Would any of the Mindful Chef ready meals suit?

PBKNOX Tue 07-Sep-21 13:54:23

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