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Gluten free flour

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Willow73 Mon 16-Aug-21 16:25:45

Can anyone tell me when using an everyday recipe can you use the same amount of gluten free flour and if you use it do you use the same amount of baking powder/bicarbonate of soda?
I have found in cafes that gluten free cakes are so much softer than normal that I want to start making my cakes like them.

hazel93 Mon 16-Aug-21 16:42:08

DIL is coeliac but loves cakes so I now only use GF flour for all baking. I don't increase rising agents as this could result in a rise then a sinking and a flat as a pancake result. I do add extra liquid - size of eggs, more milk, whatever the recipe states.
Hope that helps.

Nonogran Mon 16-Aug-21 16:43:32

I use gluten free flour just like any other flour called for in a recipe. I’ve used any type I can get at the supermarket. I never use a raising agent, I just buy the “Self Raising” version.
Cake shops might use a commercial mix to make their cakes, not available to the public?
I use Flora, Utterly Butterly or any other soft spreadable I fancy. My sponges & cakes turn out lovely and soft.

Willow73 Mon 16-Aug-21 16:46:37

Thank you for your replies. I always use unsalted butter, do you think using Flora light would make them lighter too?

Fishpieplease Mon 16-Aug-21 16:47:59

I use Juvela mix,using just the same amount as “normal” flour, I find it makes must better cakes than any other gf flours I’ve tried. I’ve had it on prescription,but apparently you can get it from some supermarkets,or from their website.

kittylester Mon 16-Aug-21 16:49:43

I use flour but always do 50% more of everything for sponges.

Nonogran Mon 16-Aug-21 16:51:17

Yep Flora and all the other makes I’ve tried are great. Go for it! Experiment. It’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t turn out quite right. Pour custard over it & try again another day. Yummy.

merlotgran Mon 16-Aug-21 17:13:27

Tesco’s gf sponge cake mix is excellent

Willow73 Mon 16-Aug-21 20:09:26

Thanks everyone, Tesco’s here I come!