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Silicon Muffin Pans

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Blossoming Tue 07-Sep-21 15:45:17

Does anybody use them and are they any good? Can you recommend a good make?

BlueBelle Tue 07-Sep-21 18:16:40

I ve never trusted silicon in heat after I read about plastic water bottles left in cars etc or was that all discredited I ve never gone into it so maybe completely wrong

shysal Tue 07-Sep-21 18:18:07

A friend uses one. Her Yorkshire puddings are wonderful! The attached snip seems to use a huge amount of mixture! They are fine for cupcakes or muffins in paper cases too. It is best to stand the silicone tray on a metal one for stability.
Good luck!

Nannagarra Tue 07-Sep-21 18:20:55

Use them all the time and can recommend ‘masterclass’.

Blossoming Tue 07-Sep-21 19:47:31

Thanks all, Masterclass muffin pan ordered.

Mollygo Tue 07-Sep-21 20:01:39

I’ve used silicon loaf tins for banana bread. I bought them from Sainsbury’s.

QasimNaseer Thu 09-Sep-21 12:01:52

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GranJan60 Mon 13-Sep-21 12:26:15

I don’t like mine. True they don’t stick but funny texture to outside of baking - better with paper cases but that defeats the object.

DiscoGran Mon 13-Sep-21 15:44:40

I tried them, but soon went back to my papers in tins as I thought the silicone ones had a funny smell after a while. (I'm a bit fussy like that) ?

Franbern Tue 14-Sep-21 15:07:22

I did have some but never really liked using them,. Not just muffin tins, but loaf tins, etc. When I was moving I gave them all to a Charity shop.
You do have to place these on a metal baking tray in the oven, and I found them quite difficult to clean.

granny'sbuttons Tue 14-Sep-21 15:14:43

I like mine. They are difficult to clean so I put mine on the washing machine and that seems to work well. ( I don’t have a dishwasher).

Pammie1 Tue 14-Sep-21 15:20:45

I love mine, but they’re a bit difficult to clean so I always use paper muffin cases inside the holes.

Chewbacca Tue 14-Sep-21 15:26:24

I'm another who has tried the silicon baking pans but I've gone back to the old ones. I don't like the texture of the outside of cakes/buns when they're baked and find cleaning them a faff. The only good thing about them was that they took up less storage space.

granny'sbuttons Tue 14-Sep-21 15:27:58

Actually I put mine in the washing machine. Leaving them on it probably wouldn’t achieve the same result.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Tue 14-Sep-21 15:32:18

I've got a loaf tin version in a very pretty pale blue - Jane Asher I think. They're not quite what they're cracked up to be and I line it anyway.

Blossoming Thu 30-Sep-21 17:55:18

Well, I have just baked my first batch of muffins in the silicon pan. I sprayed it with Frylight before spooning the batter in. I don’t have any paper cases, but they’re fine without. Popped straight out of the pan once cool. Washed the pan easily in hot water, there wasn’t any residue to remove. Very pleased with the results so far smile

Patsy70 Fri 15-Oct-21 10:13:38

I use silicon muffin cases and am very pleased with them. I don’t add anything to the case before the mixture. The cakes pop straight out and the cases are easily washed.