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English plums

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Grandmadinosaur Mon 13-Sep-21 16:48:59

I always look forward to these landing in the stores. I got some in Sainsbury’s the other day and what a disappointment. They are tasteless. I mentioned it to my dad and he said he’d witnessed the same. I’ve stewed what are left and added sugar but still taste rather bitter. Anyone else found the same?

theworriedwell Mon 13-Sep-21 16:51:45

I haven't even seen any this year. I wonder if the shortage of fruit pickers is having an impact. I do like plums.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 13-Sep-21 16:55:48

It could be as I’m sure in past years I’ve bought them earlier than this. It’s the lack of taste that I found disappointing though.

Coolgran65 Mon 13-Sep-21 16:56:10

I’ve stopped buying plums. Can’t recall the last time I tasted one that was worth buying.

Maggiemaybe Mon 13-Sep-21 17:49:09

They're a mixed bag as usual. We've had really delicious plums from our local market for a while now, but I find the ones from the supermarkets are usually pretty tasteless unless you pay top whack. DH was given some by his allotment neighbour a fortnight ago, but they weren't as sweet as they looked.

grandMattie Mon 13-Sep-21 17:53:38

Don’t bother unless you can get to a farmers’ market or farm shop.

Wheniwasyourage Mon 13-Sep-21 18:11:03

We're enjoying our own (Scottish) Victoria plums at the moment. There aren't as many on the tree this year as last year, but what we've had so far are delicious!

CanadianGran Mon 13-Sep-21 18:58:28

Mmm, I love plums! We have different varieties here; we mostly see black plums (I believe they are originally a Japanese variety) and prune plums. I also love yellow plums, but don't see them very often in stores.

In our area there are no plums grown, so all are brought in. Some from Okanagan BC area, others from California. I always try to buy from within our province.

I also have my MIL's plum streusel recipe that is a family favourite.

Josianne Mon 13-Sep-21 19:20:03

I bought some from a farm shop last week and they were very good. Those I bought prior to that from the supermarket were disappointing.

grannyactivist Mon 13-Sep-21 20:00:31

I have two established plum trees; one of them didn’t produce a single plum this year, but usually gives us large, sweet purple deliciousness. The other one has not produced more than two or three plums for the past three years and I thought this year was going to be the same, but I did actually manage to get 12 pots of jam from them. The plums are small, hardly bigger than a grape, and turn from yellow to red when ripe and are not over-sweet.

I planted four different varieties of plum earlier this year, so I’m hopeful that I’ll have lots of lovely plums in years to come.

mrswoo Mon 13-Sep-21 20:47:43

I’ve found them really watery and tasteless this year. The promise so much and are such a disappointment.

I bought a box of “bite-size” greengages (are they plums ???) from Sainsbury’s the other week and they were absolutely delicious. I’ve been back a few times since but have not found them again.

GagaJo Mon 13-Sep-21 20:51:03

The tree opposite my house had delicious plums this year. Unfortunately, the kids got to the overhanging branches before I did!

The apples down the road look good too, but the lady who owns the tree is nervous and doesn't like anyone picking them, even though she doesn't pick them herself.

And the lovely greengage tree on the corner was cut down 2 years ago to make hard standing for cars. What a waste!

Lincslass Mon 13-Sep-21 21:31:03

Mirabelle and Victoria, from local market and Tesco, both were sweet and delicious.