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Ready meals - any favourites?

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Witzend Tue 12-Oct-21 11:17:32

We rarely have them, but after a week of childcare help while dd is away for work, I picked up a couple on the (final) way home yesterday. M&S big Yorkshire puds with sliced beef, gravy and potatoes inside. I’d usually go for something SE Asian but we really enjoyed them, with cabbage and carrots which were in the fridge anyway.

In the past dh has really enjoyed a Waitrose Nasi Goreng - he got hooked on it during a year based in Jakarta.

Any absolute favourites? No sniffy comments, please, I do virtually always cook from scratch!

Magrithea Sun 17-Oct-21 18:45:53

Have a look at Cook ) - their meals are delicious and taste home cooked. My 'go to' when I know we'll both be out and late home

25Avalon Sat 16-Oct-21 14:42:20

Cathedral City Cauliflower Cheese is now available at Iceland. At the moment it’s 2 for £5. I like their macaroni cheese so next time I order I’ll give this a try.

Smurf52 Fri 15-Oct-21 18:57:52

I live on my own so I order a batch of COOK ready made meals to put in the freezer. They are more tasty than the ready meals in shops.

Before I broke my ankle I had Mindful Chef deliveries. They supply all the ingredients for quick recipes that you cook.

Maggiemaybe Thu 14-Oct-21 18:25:09

We discovered Chef Akila curries in lockdown. Cooked by a mum whose doctor son advises on the recipe so that they’re as healthy as possible. They’re delicious, and a decent price too. They arrive frozen, so we keep a few in stock.

If we fancy being more indulgent, we have a local Greek restaurant that delivers the best moussaka and other lovely dishes, on weekends only.

Grandyma Thu 14-Oct-21 18:02:31

We’ve recently discovered www.cook Not the cheapest but as close to home cooking as you’ll find anywhere. We get ours from our local farm shop in Hertfordshire but they do deliver and their website will give a list of stockists.

Floradora9 Thu 14-Oct-21 14:26:45

We like Tesco boxed curry meals from the chiller they are often on offer down from £7 to £4 . We tried " The Transformation Chef " mail order. The meals arrived partly defrosted as they did not use enough frozen blocks and were pretty trrible too . I forget the name of the other company we tried as a treat and they were not good either. We also like Charlie Bigham .

Jules59 Thu 14-Oct-21 08:01:31

Try Charlie Bingham meals. Delicious!

glammagran Wed 13-Oct-21 23:26:56

I made my own moussaka for years. What a faff with so many layers to pre-prepare. I tried Charlie Bigham’s version and that was the end of home-cooked moussaka. The only other ready meal I buy is chicken Kiev from the Gastropub range in M&S.

Seabreeze Wed 13-Oct-21 21:42:29

Aldi’s chicken korma,chicken tikka masala, and onion Bajis all delicious. Cheap too !

kittylester Wed 13-Oct-21 21:40:09

Sainsbury's do too!

Shizam Wed 13-Oct-21 21:24:57

Charlie Bigham ready meals are really rather nice. Even my ‘I do not eat ready meals’ son agreed the fish pie was good! Tesco stock them. Waitrose also.

seacliff Wed 13-Oct-21 20:49:14

My veggie friend has just strongly recommended Waitrose own Plantlife Mushroom & Lentil Bolognese Cannelloni. You have to add your own tomato sauce and cheese if wanted. I will try it soon.

For a quick cheap meal I like Heinz Creationz Lentil Curry with Dhal Spices & Tomatoes, maybe with some frozen Cauliflower rice or microwave rice. Or just some chunks of feta or goats cheese on top.

Amberone Wed 13-Oct-21 20:31:04

I batch cook too, but every now and again will opt for a ready made chilled meal, especially if we get home late and just want something to sling in the oven.

Sainsbury's Finest Cottage Pie with red wine is one of our favs. They also do quite a good moussaka and Beef Hash. They're often reduced to £5 for some reason, so not bad for a meal for two with some greens or salad.

muse Wed 13-Oct-21 20:13:35

Only ready meals I buy for us regularly are Charlie Bigham's when they are on offer. They are expensive. Sainsbury's offer has been £6. I suppose other supermarkets do something similar. Favourites are the Fish Pie, Lasagne and Moussaka. The last two freeze well.

Lots of M&S favourites but rarely buy them. Nearest store is 45 mins drive away. I can't get delivery through Ocado either. They don't deliver to our area even though we live 5 mins from the main A road through Cornwall.

Shandy57 Wed 13-Oct-21 20:03:02

I just saw this before I make my ready microwave meal - a packet of brown rice, and a packet of Heinz lentil curry. Big dollop of natural yoghurt and only one bowl to wash!

annsixty Wed 13-Oct-21 19:46:40

I recently bought three Cook meals from my local garden centre.
I often eat on my own and after cooking for 60+ years I have decided to give myself a break occasionally.
I have eaten the chicken pie and tonight had the chicken in a leek, tarragon,
cream and white wine sauce with new potatoes.
They were both delicious. Not cheap, about £4:75 each but worth it, so much better and cheaper than a takeaway and so enjoyable.
I shall buy more when I can.

Curlywhirly Wed 13-Oct-21 19:45:08

Very rarely buy ready meals (for one thing the portions are just far too small!). But we do like Lamb Henrys, in either mint sauce or red wine sauce; they really do taste homemade and the portions are big. I have tried both frozen and fresh ones, both delicious. I have bought them from Morrisons, Aldi and Sainsburys, no difference between them.

Lizbethann55 Wed 13-Oct-21 19:25:30

I really like M&S ready meals. My absolute favourite is their vegetable moussaka which is so tasty and very low in calories. The SW meals from Iceland are good as well.
If any of you are in the north and have a Booths nearby, they have some amazing frozen meals. Sadly, I can't recall the name of them, but they are properly virtually home made. Quite expensive but worth every penny and in different sizes.
I am right now waiting for a Morrisons order with two beef stroganoff for tea tonight. Hope they are good, I am starving!

MaggsMcG Wed 13-Oct-21 19:06:04

Bijou Invest in an Air Fryer it can cook without any fat or with very little. It can cook fish and meat and vegetables and lots of other things. It cooks a lot quicker and more evenly.

MaggsMcG Wed 13-Oct-21 19:02:58

I eat Ready Meals not all the time but occasionally when I can't be bothered to cook anything separately. One of the ones I like best is Sainsburys Lamb with Dumplings.

Jamcee Wed 13-Oct-21 17:08:44

Love Charlie Bingham’s macaroni cheese. Nothing wrong with the occasional ready meal.

emilie Wed 13-Oct-21 16:48:33

Co-op Indian range are not bad.

Yearoff Wed 13-Oct-21 16:41:45

I found a macaroni cheese with ham hock on Lidl. I can make my own but if is very tasty for a quick meal if I’m late home from grandkid duties. I also agree the meal in a Yorker that M&S do is lovely. Also M&S again, their Indian menu butter chicken is very nice.

Granny1810 Wed 13-Oct-21 16:24:44

I particularly like the Slimming World ones from Iceland. So filling and delicious.

Nannatwiglet Wed 13-Oct-21 16:17:47

We like Charlie Bigham meals & Waitrose Steak pies when they are on the shelves. They are popular at our local branch and sell out quickly!