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Do you still cook a Sunday roast?

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MrsPickle Sun 25-Sep-22 18:07:48

As the nights draw in and thoughts turn away from bbq and salads, hub requested a Sunday roast.
Eagerly, I acquiesced, nothing nicer!
However, now I'm in my 70s, the execution is far more arduous than I ever remember!
Pork with crackling, roasties, roast 'snips, steamed cauli, home made stuffing -and now he's requested apple sauce, as 'we have loads of Bramleys'.

Yes, we'll have left overs for later in the week, but thinking that this may be the start of easier roasts in future.
Any tips/hints please?

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 25-Sep-22 18:12:30

I do a proper roast every other Sunday. Either roast chicken and all the trimmings (bread sauce, stuffing, roast potatoes all from scratch) and usually a pudding. Steamed treacle pudding with custard? Or maybe roast beef, Yorkshire’s etc., or leg of lamb. Lamb is so expensive at the moment though so we keep an eye open for bargains. Some Sundays we go out for lunch. There are some excellent restaurants and pubs around here.

Grandmabatty Sun 25-Sep-22 18:13:12

Slim it down. Cut out the stuffing or buy ready made. Prepare the veg and roast potatoes on Saturday. Get him to make it! I prefer to make stews and casseroles as I can stick it in the slow cooker in the morning. Finally, just go out for Sunday lunch ?

Callistemon21 Sun 25-Sep-22 18:28:23

Make a lot of apple sauce and freeze in portions.
Buy readymade stuffing

We're having something similar but with pork chops. Himself would like pork with crackling but we paid to have the oven cleaned not long ago. I told him if he wants roast pork with crackling we'll have to go out for Sunday lunch!

Grandmadinosaur Sun 25-Sep-22 18:34:27

Yes ready made stuffing and Yorkshire puddings are the way to go. Also like Callistemon we have chicken breasts,pork steaks. Sometimes braising steak in onion gravy cooked in the slow cooker. I’ve cooked roast potatoes during the week when I have more time then freeze and reheat them on the day. If you do cook a joint I think it’s worth cooking a big one and freezing half once it’s cooked so you save on all the prep next time.

Granmarderby10 Sun 25-Sep-22 18:38:16

Yes I’ve cooked an enormous joint of beef that’s been languishing in my freezer since March.
It was relatively cheap for it’s size and just described as a roasting joint (ie not top side) but it turned out beautifully lean and tender and easy to carve after it sat wrapped in foil for about 2 hours, juices separated and kept it’s warmth while I carried to my sons house 10 minutes away. We adults loved it down to the last scrap but 2 grandkids 7 and 10 just messed about and ate the “yorkies” and roast potatoes. They don’t know they’re born etc?
Yum yum! it made tasty gravy and loads left for Lancashire hot pot, rissoles or thinly sliced and carefully wrapped and frozen for whenever I fancy a beef n onion sandwich.
Would still love it if someone made me a roast dinner though, because pub ones just are not as good.

Witzend Sun 25-Sep-22 18:41:08

I’ve got a big FR chook in the oven now - we have guests staying, but I do a roast fairly often anyway. Lots of roast potatoes, and just peas and carrots today, proper gravy, a couple of Waitrose ready made puds.

I actually find a roast pretty simple - you have to be organised and watch the timings though. My spuds are on to parboil ATM and once I take the chook out to rest, spuds will go in and I’ll make the gravy.
I don’t do stuffing except at Christmas -chicken is basted with garlic and parsley butter out of the freezer, left over from making garlic bread! Plus a halved onion inside the bird - makes tasty juices for the gravy.

Sago Sun 25-Sep-22 18:48:48

Love a roast and not just on a Sunday.

Harris27 Sun 25-Sep-22 18:48:54

I do Sunday dinner every week except when it’s hit in the summer hence barbecues. I love the fact that we still have this as tradition. Might go out the window as I get older but for the moment I love it.

kittylester Sun 25-Sep-22 18:48:54

I love doing roasts - I have done so any that I hardly have to think about it.

We no longer have stuffing - we seem to have gone off it - apple sauce from a jar, Sainsbury's frozen cauliflower cheese topped with grated nutmeg and more cheese (and it's gf!). Carrots parboiled then tossed in butter and brown sugar and roasted. Frozen peas.

The only thing I am precise about are roast potatoes (parboiled, drained, shaken and left to dty before being tossed in goose fat and put in a very hot oven - never ever frozen) and gravy made by reducing not thickening.

kittylester Sun 25-Sep-22 18:52:23

I roast my joints on a chopped onion with appropriate herbs a d use that for the gravy after declared,zing the riasting tin with wine.

Georgesgran Sun 25-Sep-22 18:55:42

I haven’t done one for a few years now, since DH’s health deteriorated, but before that it was every Sunday evening for 6 of us. Did ?lunch for 3 and a baby in 2021, but that’s about it. Both DDs now have their own families and lives to get on with, so weekends are precious to them.
There used to be a TV ad where the Dad made a roast, using everything frozen - think it was Aunt Bessie’s. Looked ok, if time was limited.

Sarah74 Sun 25-Sep-22 18:56:23

after declared,zing the riasting tin with wine

(After having a glass or two of the wine? grin)

Georgesgran Sun 25-Sep-22 18:57:13

Have you been at that wine already kitty. ?. Predictive text to blame, I think.

BlueBelle Sun 25-Sep-22 19:07:24

Never been traditional but not had a roast in about 25 years

GagaJo Sun 25-Sep-22 19:11:30

I love a roast but only cook one at Christmas. Too much work and I just don't have time. But I did go out for a roast lunch mid-week last week. And it was delicious.

Sara1954 Sun 25-Sep-22 19:15:40

No, probably count the amount of times I’ve cooked a roast on one hand.

For one thing I don’t like it, secondly, I couldn’t bear wasting so much of my Sunday, thirdly, the smell of it makes me feel sick.

Visgir1 Sun 25-Sep-22 19:28:55

More Roasts in the winter months, but tbh it's a bit of a faff now just 2 of us, but I do, make them.
I remember as a teenager saying to my mum, I didn't want Roast for breakfast I didn't get up until gone 12.. Lazy girl.

kittylester Sun 25-Sep-22 19:34:52


^after declared,zing the riasting tin with wine^

(After having a glass or two of the wine? grin)

I wish!! wine

grannyrebel7 Sun 25-Sep-22 19:44:45

Making a roast on a Sunday is the only proper cooking I do and I love it. I put my music on and shut myself away and just get on with it. I don't make my own stuffing or apple sauce though. Always have a glass of Shiraz or Merlot with it. I like tradition and will keep it going. My kids don't bother with it though like a lot of the younger generation which is sad.

Iam64 Sun 25-Sep-22 19:46:54

Nothing beats a traditional Sunday roast. I don’t do one every week, as I did when the children lived with us and my parents would join us. I do chops or steak or more likely a slow cooker lamb dish.
Pub Sunday roasts can be a real treat

jerseygirl Sun 25-Sep-22 19:49:15

Go out for Sunday lunch. Lifes too short for all that cooking!! Saves on fuel too!!

MerylStreep Sun 25-Sep-22 19:49:44

Get Mr C to do what Mr Streep does. All roast meat is done on the bbq. No matter what the weather. ☔️

kittylester Sun 25-Sep-22 19:53:10

Our kids rarely do a roast but, also rarely turn down an invitation to our for one.

And, it's so easy!

Fleurpepper Sun 25-Sep-22 19:53:48

Very rarely these days, unless we have family or friends over. Just can't be a ..... bothered!