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Do you still cook a Sunday roast?

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MrsPickle Sun 25-Sep-22 18:07:48

As the nights draw in and thoughts turn away from bbq and salads, hub requested a Sunday roast.
Eagerly, I acquiesced, nothing nicer!
However, now I'm in my 70s, the execution is far more arduous than I ever remember!
Pork with crackling, roasties, roast 'snips, steamed cauli, home made stuffing -and now he's requested apple sauce, as 'we have loads of Bramleys'.

Yes, we'll have left overs for later in the week, but thinking that this may be the start of easier roasts in future.
Any tips/hints please?

MerylStreep Sun 25-Sep-22 19:55:41

If you like cauliflower cheese, Aldi do a delicious one.
My daughter is a very good cook ( she writes an online blog) even she buys it. Buy every ready made stuff you can. ?

Doodledog Sun 25-Sep-22 19:57:35

I love a Sunday roast, but Mr Dog is vegetarian, so we rarely bother unless we go out. If I'm feeling like it I sometimes do a nutroast with all the trimmings, but it is a faff doing roast potatoes in oil as well as the goose fat ones and so on. I do go to town for Christmas dinner, and make enough to feed the 7th Army to make it all worthwhile, but once a week when it's just the two of us doesn't seem worth it.

TerriBull Sun 25-Sep-22 20:01:24

I do every other week end when my grandchildren stay because they demand one! with all the accompaniments several vegetables, roast potatoes, gravy and Yorkshire Puddings.

So that's that! If it's just the two of us generally I don't bother.

Callistemon21 Sun 25-Sep-22 20:03:53


Get Mr C to do what Mr Streep does. All roast meat is done on the bbq. No matter what the weather. ☔️

Yes,I've thought of that. Have to get him organised before Ch******s!

Yammy Sun 25-Sep-22 20:09:32

Yes, every Sunday rain or shine.DH helps a lot. I do all the tidying up which I find more of a drag than the cooking. We rotate which meat we have and leftovers get used on Mondays.

Katie59 Sun 25-Sep-22 20:16:59

Most Sunday's one of us cooks a roast, if for some reason we don’t we spend the whole week eating bits an pieces instead of cold meat or curries that sort of thing. This week it was Beef so cold meat and veg Monday with salad Tuesday, in a curry Wednesday.

JaneJudge Sun 25-Sep-22 20:20:04

I do but the family are all here. Just do a one tray bake type thing (I'm sure others have suggested this already smile )

grumppa Sun 25-Sep-22 20:22:14

Roasts probably about nice a month. Roast beef this evening, and I've just remembered, alas too late, that we have some Yorkshire puddings in the freezer. Never mind.

grumppa Sun 25-Sep-22 20:22:50

Once a month!!!

Crumbs Sun 25-Sep-22 20:24:47

Not in the traditional way. I do roast potatoes and parsnips in the Remoska and chops or chicken legs/thighs sitting on top, all cooking together. I rarely use the oven unless family visit.

chris8888 Sun 25-Sep-22 20:40:26

Not often just if having family over I am just as happy with a sandwich smile

Norah Sun 25-Sep-22 21:07:36

Not every Sunday, only when our children ask, they like & dislike making.

We prefer vegan, so I never offer meat, it's on request.

Jaxjacky Sun 25-Sep-22 21:11:31

Rarely now as economising, not using the oven. Slow cooker comes to the fore, gammon for dinner earlier.

NotAGran55 Sun 25-Sep-22 21:12:54

The last time I cooked a roast dinner was exactly 9 months ago ?

Cabbie21 Sun 25-Sep-22 21:28:14

We buy a good piece of beef or pork from the local butcher, just for the two of us, but we usually get 4 or 5 meals out of it. We have it cold on Monday, but I freeze slices in gravy and reheat in the microwave, so the oven is normally only on the once. I do roast potatoes, carrots and parsnips( no sugar or honey though) , Yorkshires and proper gravy, plus some green veg. Any sauces are out of a jar.
Nowadays I rarely use the oven, but this way we still get the good meat. I set the oven on the timer before church, so the meat cooks slowly, then turn it up for roasties and Yorkshires. I have done this all my married life, it is easy.

Floradora9 Sun 25-Sep-22 21:35:25

Only two of us to cook for but we usually have a roast. To-day was good Scottish lamb bought when Tesco sell it half price at Easter . I do it long and slow in the oven after marinading in wine and herbs. I am looking forward to when Tesco reduce them about Christmas as I only have whole legs left. When they are here the GC just love my roast lamb something they never get at home .

HowVeryDareYou Sun 25-Sep-22 21:39:12

I never cook a Sunday roast. I find that (since my stroke a year ago) I get overwhelmed with trying to cook a lot of different things with different timings. We either have something "ordinary" or we go out. However, DH cooked a roast last Sunday. He's a great cook.

Calendargirl Sun 25-Sep-22 21:42:05

DH always cooks the Sunday dinner. Now it’s just the two of us, I don’t think it’s necessary every week, but he likes doing it so good for him.

I cook the rest of the week.

Chardy Sun 25-Sep-22 22:14:08

I do a veggie roast if family come - Quorn roast, veggie haggis, roast potatoes, several veg, cauliflower cheese made in advance, (veg prepped early that morning or even the night before), Aunt Bessie's Yorkshires, homemade gravy made with the cauliflower water in advance.

Pittcity Sun 25-Sep-22 22:17:37

We have one most weeks here. DH usually cooks it. We cheat with a lot of things, such as making lots of Yorkshires and stuffing balls in one go and freezing them. We always use instant gravy and just add a bit of meat juice. Usually have frozen veg unless there's something in the fridge that can be roasted. We even sometimes have frozen roast potatoes.
There's nothing difficult about cooking a roast, it's just the timing.
We usually have a curry with the leftovers on Monday too.

crazyH Sun 25-Sep-22 22:23:56

Did a roast Sunday lunch for years and years. I loved it - having all the family round our large dining table. Then we divorced, I moved house with a smaller DR and smaller dining table. But I continued, then the babies came along, family got bigger, children got their own DR and decided to do their own. Am I glad ? I could not cope now.
When my daughter does a roast, she invites me over. Suits me.

Lillianne Sun 25-Sep-22 22:32:57

We have a ‘veggie’ roast about once a week - home made nut roast, stuffing balls, steamed veg (broccoli, carrots and beans today), roast potatoes, apple sauce, veggie gravy. Yummy!

SpringyChicken Sun 25-Sep-22 22:41:47

I do a roast every week and think nothing of it.

If it's pork, I buy a loin joint (no crackling but a good layer of fat for flavour). (Tip - if the joint is larger than required, slice off some loin chops for the freezer before cooking).

Salt and pepper on the pork, then into a small enamel roasting tin with a little water in the bottom to stop the juices burning. Instead of cooking it on a shelf, the tin sits on the grill pan which is lined with a baking sheet ( the sheet keeps the grill pan clean, the grill pan prevents the bottom of the oven getting dirty). The grill pan slots onto the lowest rungs in the oven.

Parboiled potatoes are transferred into another small pan and baked on the top oven shelf using fat saved from previously roasted joints. The saucepan for the potatoes is cleaned (cold water and washing up brush - a quick scrub and rinse), ready for veg.

Frozen bramley apple slices are microwaved in a pyrex bowl with a saucer over it until soft, granulated sugar stirred in and that's the sauce done. Very quick to do.

Bisto, flour and water mixed to a paste in a jug (same jug will hold the gravy once it is made).

The roasted joint is rested on a warm plate, fat drained off and gravy made in the roasting pan on the hob. Once thickened, gravy is poured into the jug and kept in the microwave on 'warm' setting.

Serendipity22 Sun 25-Sep-22 23:10:22

Never have. My mum used to do it. Every weekend is taken up with grandchildren or having a drive out places.

In my view life is too short to be stood in the kitchen making meals, no doubt the time will decent upon me when tripping here and there stops..... but until that time arrives, Im offffffff.


Greyduster Sun 25-Sep-22 23:13:14

About one Sunday in three here - either roast pork, beef, or gammon - lamb if it’s on offer, but at the moment it’s expensive. Everyone seems to have gone off chicken but me! I don’t make my own Yorkshire puddings (block up your ears, mother!) but everything else is made from scratch. Sometimes, for a change, if I can get them, I will slowly braise some beef short ribs in the oven in red wine and stock, removing the lid for the last half hour so that the sauce reduces and makes a lovely sticky glaze. Short ribs used to be considered cheap midweek fare when I was growing up, but have had something of renaissance and are certainly no longer cheap.