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Have you sorted any Xmas leftovers?

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Riverwalk Mon 26-Dec-22 12:56:36

I cooked a lovely M&S turkey crown and a small ham so not too much leftover, but I've been ruthless and all is now safely sliced into portions and in the freezer. No messing around!

Last night I resolved never to eat again but of course by midday my appetite had returned so I had a turkey & mayo sandwich, and tonight will have ham & eggs, then will not took at turkey or ham for at least a week smile

grandtanteJE65 Tue 27-Dec-22 15:04:49

The rest of the roast has been divided into three parts (like Gaul) and eaten by us, eaten by the cats, sliced or chopped and put into the freezer with what remains of the gravy.

Dessert eaten up.

After 50 odd years of planning and keeping Christmas, I no longer cook more than I know we either can eat or freeze for later.

mumofmadboys Tue 27-Dec-22 15:05:51

I sometimes freeze left over veg and use them to make soup at a later date.

OxfordGran Sat 31-Dec-22 10:37:04

we chopped up turkey, ham, languishing leftover veg, sprouts, roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips, stuffing balls, apple sauce, stray pigs in blankets, in a buttered pyrex dish, completely. blanketed in a cheese sauce made with medium cheddar, left over creams, end of bottle of jersey milk, into oven 20 mins, with crispy rolls from freezer, served with fresh broccolli, yum, so tasty, not a meal I would make deliberately, like bubble and squeak.
Then we made huge salads for our evening meal. The girls went home with odds and ends, lemons, limes, biscuits, wine,

I opened the door yesterday to a clean sparse fridge, like Old Mother Hubbard, raided freezer, start the diet on Monday.

Witzend Sat 31-Dec-22 10:44:42

Massive pot of turkey-carcass stock made the other day, so instead of anything fancy tonight we’ll be having a soup of that, crammed with goodness knows how many veg - including the last few sprouts off the ‘stick’.
Luckily dh is always up for anything similar.

All the remaining meat is in meal-sized packets in the freezer.

midgey Sat 31-Dec-22 11:33:03

Grande tante I had to think but then laughed out loud, those horrid Latin lessons!

Babs758 Sat 31-Dec-22 11:46:38

We had duck so with leftovers had two days of meals out of it including a Casoulett my husband made with beans, duck stock, left over chipolatas and tomatoes. It was really good! Just some Brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce left now and some Stilton.

M0nica Sat 31-Dec-22 12:25:40

Made soup with the turkey carcass yesterday and have put it in the freezer. We have family(4 of them) in the house until Monday, and they are not soup people. But it will be supper for us for most of next week.

The rest of the turkey meat is in the freezer. Some will be fricasseed for lunch tomorrow and eaten not with rice but bubble and squeak made with surplus green veg. The rest eaten as and when over the next couple of months.

SusieB50 Sat 31-Dec-22 13:46:30

Soup making now , DD has declined as she thinks it’s been in the fridge too long ! I’m boiling the carcass well , I remember the turkey sitting on the sideboard covered in foil for days after Christmas . Mine will be fine it’s been in the fridge .

SusieB50 Sat 31-Dec-22 13:47:58

When we were kids that is !

Jaxjacky Sat 31-Dec-22 14:30:37

Just cheese left now, turkey frozen, some sliced and a piece that will be curried. Last of the gammon was eaten yesterday in a sauce with fresh pasta.

Quokka Sat 31-Dec-22 14:40:39

Made an gigantic ham, mushroom and leek and invited the neighbours on both sides around last night. We also polished off the rest of the mince pies, cheeses, Quality Street, mini cheddars, and various alcohols.

Too hungover to tidy up yet!

Barmeyoldbat Sat 31-Dec-22 15:30:39

All left overs nearly gone, the left over Turkey crown is in the freezer and I am about to eat the last mince pie. I didn’t buy much to start with.

Grantanow Sat 31-Dec-22 18:20:39

Update: turkey curry tonight. Pigeon with lentils tomorrow with the last slice of ham for flavour. Game pie all gone, sadly. Just some Xmas cake made in 2021 to finish off at teatimes.

MrsKen33 Sat 31-Dec-22 18:36:59

I found a whole pack of stale croissants and have made them into a bread and butter pudding. Plus we have just finished the ham with egg and chips.

Witzend Sun 01-Jan-23 12:50:10

Forgot to pass them to dd - I have bananas left over from when Gdcs were staying for 2 nights. Dh and I don’t especially love them - except in bananas flambés, which I shall make tonight. For once I have all the wherewithal, inc. Cointreau, fresh orange and lemon juice, butter, soft brown sugar. 🙂

JaneJudge Sun 01-Jan-23 12:56:00

I have had a houseful so we haven't had any leftovers at all

BlueSapphire Sun 01-Jan-23 12:59:58

Only Christmas cake and mince pies left over here, as DS and family entertained me at Christmas.
But cooked myself a small turkey breast joint last night, so will have a turkey sandwich shortly for lunch, then will make a turkey stew tomorrow.

Riverwalk Mon 02-Jan-23 08:25:41

Yesterday I had a mini Xmas dinner from the freezer - turkey, gravy, stuffing, chipolata & sprouts. There's one portion left then that's it for another year!

Witzend Sun 08-Jan-23 15:09:36

We had the last of the gammon last night, with jacket potatoes and salad. There are still 3 mince pies left! But only because we’ve been scoffing a lot of the chocs instead.

Auntieflo Sun 08-Jan-23 15:19:10

Last night we finished up some gammon that I cooked when DS2 and family came last week. Had it with onion sauce, brussels, carrots and new potatoes. DH finished the last mince pie.
Now there is just a small, unopened christmas cake from a hamper.
Oh, forgot the mince pies in the freezer.
Probably have fish tonight

Fleurpepper Sun 08-Jan-23 15:22:59

Seeing this thread appearing again and again- I sincerely hope that Christmas left overs are now done and dusted!

Auntieflo Sun 08-Jan-23 15:23:19

Witzend, your Bananas Flambè sounds delicious

Carenza123 Sun 08-Jan-23 15:25:26

I love cold Christmas pudding with cream for breakfast but this year we were so full from our Christmas dinner at our daughters that it didn’t get cooked. She promptly gave it to me but it would be a waste to cook it - just for me. Will probably keep it until Christmas.

Norah Mon 23-Jan-23 20:33:24

Digging round in the freezer, found the rest to Christmas. Turned it into burritos as we had some all grain tortillas to use.

Witzend Fri 27-Jan-23 21:24:46

The other night we had a Thai green curry with some of the turkey bits out of the freezer.