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Have you sorted any Xmas leftovers?

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Riverwalk Mon 26-Dec-22 12:56:36

I cooked a lovely M&S turkey crown and a small ham so not too much leftover, but I've been ruthless and all is now safely sliced into portions and in the freezer. No messing around!

Last night I resolved never to eat again but of course by midday my appetite had returned so I had a turkey & mayo sandwich, and tonight will have ham & eggs, then will not took at turkey or ham for at least a week smile

M0nica Sat 28-Jan-23 13:20:07

We had a turkey chilli yesterday and that was the last of tehe turkey. 2 slices of Christmas cake left, we will have those for tea tomorrow.

All we need to do now is get the Christmas decorations back in the loft.

Gabrielle56 Sat 28-Jan-23 13:25:59

just finished pud from.....2017! still great and still could eat christmas pud anytime anywhere love it! i always buy up any on sale on due dates as the very nature of these puds is that they never go 'off' ! shameful if any are chucked away!

tiredoldwoman Sat 28-Jan-23 16:40:02

I found forgotten sausages wrapped in bacon in the freezer, so they fed me for dinner, lunch then chopped up in pasta salad !
There's also a box of frozen fancy wee party cream cakes , they'll not last long if the grandbabies come to visit !

Norah Sat 28-Jan-23 16:59:17

Frozen savory bread pudding remade, today. I believe the freezer is empty of old Christmas food, but I may be wrong.

Grantanow Sat 28-Jan-23 17:58:21

All gone now. A homemade Xmas cake now in store for next year. Must remember to pour whisky over it occasionally.