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Have you sorted any Xmas leftovers?

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Riverwalk Mon 26-Dec-22 12:56:36

I cooked a lovely M&S turkey crown and a small ham so not too much leftover, but I've been ruthless and all is now safely sliced into portions and in the freezer. No messing around!

Last night I resolved never to eat again but of course by midday my appetite had returned so I had a turkey & mayo sandwich, and tonight will have ham & eggs, then will not took at turkey or ham for at least a week smile

Witzend Mon 26-Dec-22 13:06:22

Turkey will have to wait a couple more days. Whole one for just me and dh, but dd1 and family are descending tomorrow and will help to demolish it. Whatever’s left will go in meal sized packets in the freezer - carcass and last bits for stock and turkey stew.
We haven’t even started on the gammon, but that will be remedied tomorrow.
I made loads of proper gravy yesterday - tempted to warm up some turkey in it for dinner tonight - also have sundry veg left over.
Waste not want not!

Grandmabatty Mon 26-Dec-22 13:10:09

I've just had a lovely leftovers lunch of gammon, brie, sourdough bread, pickled onions, olives and cranberry relish. I'll have a second Christmas dinner tonight from the leftovers from yesterday and a piece of cheesecake. I love Boxing Day!

Sago Mon 26-Dec-22 13:13:19

Beautiful turkey stock made in the instant pot, it has now made 10 portions of potato and leek soup.
Half the gammon was frozen as our Xmas eve guests couldn’t come.
The remaining ham will go in to a turkey, ham and leek pie.

I called my neighbour this morning to see if she was going to use her turkey carcass for stock….I was too late it had all been binned, what sacrilege!

We waste nothing.

Notagranyet1234 Mon 26-Dec-22 13:13:45

We didn't have Turkey I did leg of lamb and roast brined pork. Leftover pork is for hot pork sandwiches. Tonight Lamb curry and casserole. My degree contained food hygiene so I am happy safely reheating meat, I know friends who don't and just have cold cuts for the next few days.

Grannynannywanny Mon 26-Dec-22 13:16:45

I’m embarrassed to say I had 2 mince pies and a dollop of left over whipped double cream for breakfast. I’ve just had a dose of gaviscon for lunch.

VioletSky Mon 26-Dec-22 13:17:03

I've just enjoyed a turkey sandwich with mint sauce

Riverwalk Mon 26-Dec-22 13:20:53

Talking of turkey - there was absolutely no shortage despite the dire warnings.

I was stricken with the lurgy in the week running up to Xmas and did a last-minute shop on the 23rd - M&S was packed to the gills with free range turkey products and I hear that on Xmas Eve they were selling them 50% off!

Witzend Mon 26-Dec-22 13:24:35

That isn’t just allowed on Boxing Day, Grannynannywanny, it’s positively normal!

Jaxjacky Mon 26-Dec-22 13:34:37

Leftover veg mashed for bubble tonight with cold turkey, gammon and stuffing. Daughter will call in tomorrow to take some gammon and the grandchildren can share out the tree chocolates.
There’ll be turkey curry later in the week and a pie made, some or both will be frozen.

Witzend Mon 26-Dec-22 13:42:45


Talking of turkey - there was absolutely no shortage despite the dire warnings.

I was stricken with the lurgy in the week running up to Xmas and did a last-minute shop on the 23rd - M&S was packed to the gills with free range turkey products and I hear that on Xmas Eve they were selling them 50% off!

A friend of mine with 4 huge Newfoundland dogs, used to go shopping late on Christmas Eve just to buy slashed-price turkeys for the freezer - which she’d later cook for the dogs!

They were lovely gentle dogs, who used to demonstrate at shows their instinct for saving people from drowning.
RIP all four now. 🐶 ❤️ - alas not a very long-lived breed.

Grannynannywanny Mon 26-Dec-22 14:02:15

Witzend 😆 🥧 🥧 🥧

M0nica Mon 26-Dec-22 15:56:01

Never have any problems disposing of the Christmas broken meats. I have so many recipes. Cooked turkey can be used in any recipe requiring chicken cooked or raw(shorten cooking time). I make stock from the carcass and giblets and then stock. I have lots of ham stock from boiling the gammon and the same with ham as with turkey, there are lots of recipes of all kinds using pasta - or google turkey/ham recipes and get hundreds.

You do not need training in food hygiene to know that as long as cold meat is reheated to a boiling temperature for several minutes all but a few rare pathogens will be killled. I have been doing it throughout my adult life and not only has everyone survived. They are positively thriving.

Anything leftover goes in the freezer and will be used sometime between now and Easter.

Norah Mon 26-Dec-22 17:26:59

We refrigerate or freeze food after meals.

Dealing with all leftovers is part of tidying in our home. Put up foods, run the dishwasher, and then place clean dry dishes back in cupboards.

AreWeThereYet Mon 26-Dec-22 20:28:18

Beef curry tomorrow to use the last of the joint. Gammon never even got cooked so we'll have that for New Year. Cooked veg all fried up for bubble and squeak and poached eggs today. Leek and potato soup made and frozen. Rest of leeks will go in a leek pudding to have with some (frozen) steak and mushroom in a couple of days. Not much left in our kitchen to show it is Christmas.

Fleurpepper Mon 26-Dec-22 20:35:41

Can't stand leftover turkey- one reason we chose not to have one. Sheperd's pie tomorrow with left over veg and leg of lamb, with salad.

Doodledog Mon 26-Dec-22 20:40:57

We've had a BD buffet which saw off some of the Christmas leftovers, but has created some of its own. If the children don't take it away when they leave tomorrow I will make Christmas pies (chicken, ham, veg and cranberry) and freeze them.

travelsafar Mon 26-Dec-22 21:45:30

My problem is the Christmas goodies, cake, chocolates, mince pies etc. They tempt me everytime I go in the kitchen. Should I just be greedy and eat up quickly or spread out over several days. Some things not opened will go to food bank collection in the supermarket.

Redhead56 Tue 27-Dec-22 10:06:36

We had Christmas day on our own this year the first in 26 years so we didn’t buy too much food. I have some duck and pork left which will make a dinner tonight. We ate snacks yesterday as we had visitors. Our duck carcass is in the freezer ready to flavour a soup. The only thing we didn’t have was the nice choice of cheeses that’s being saved for New Year.

Pittcity Tue 27-Dec-22 10:14:28

Ours has been demolished by the family. We are left with cheese, crackers and crisps. This means we may have to go to the supermarket today.

henetha Tue 27-Dec-22 11:13:01

Not yet, but I will today. I've no hope of starting a diet yet as there is so much to use up!

M0nica Tue 27-Dec-22 12:49:09

Christmas has hardly started in this household. DD has been with us since the 23rd, but DS and family do not arrive until this afternoon for a week's stay, having spent Christmas with DDiL's family this year.

Tomorrow we have a second Christmas lunch, with Christmas pie (a pie filled with everything you have on Christmas day, turkey, ham , stuffing, sprouts, roast potatoes, gravy) followed by Christmas pudding etc. After that the appetite for 'refreshing' turkey sandwiches, salads, curries and fricassees mean that there will be little left to pack into the freezer to help us through the lean month of January.

Grantanow Tue 27-Dec-22 14:36:47

All sorted! Turkey crown to finish with some ham slices and the remains of a game pie. I doubt we shall save much for the freezer except the makings of a curry or casserole.

Norah Tue 27-Dec-22 14:40:45

Quite an interesting thread. We don't 'over-cook' for Christmas, all leftover bits are easily frozen for use in the next week.

valdali Tue 27-Dec-22 14:57:42

Turkey & ham pie tonight, 3 of the puddings have completely vanished but we're still working on the trifle. May have to freeze the choc brownies and mincepies today. My husband doesn't generally like leftovers - but won't grumble too much if it's turkey & ham.I did throwout some cooked veggies, I just craved some space in the larder & fridge after days of juggling! but we'd eaten 90% of them & I composted all the peelings.