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Burns Night

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MawtheMerrier Wed 25-Jan-23 11:29:01

Who will be eating haggis, neeps and tatties tonight?
I’ve got my McSweens ready but have to say it’s not a patch on those from Waters the Butcher in Selkirk High Street or Tommy Kerr on the Hawick Road!

I once complained to McSween because I found their haggis very bland, they were most apologetic, said it must be a sub standard batch and sent me two as compensation!

Will you be going to a proper Burns Supper - even better?
Wish I could but they are thin n the ground in N Bucks. sad

AGAA4 Wed 25-Jan-23 11:32:00

My DD lived in Edinburgh for four years and always celebrates Burns night. Don't know if there will be much celebration here in North Wales.

Jaxjacky Wed 25-Jan-23 11:37:40

We will be here, with our Aberdonian friend, no whisky though, probably red wine for him, beer for MrJ and shandy for me. McSweens haggis too, I’m going to microwave it as it’s quicker.

25Avalon Wed 25-Jan-23 11:39:46

No time tonight unfortunately but have my McSween and going to make rumpledetumps, what a lovely word, to go with it on Friday. (Never tried rumpledetumps before but sounds good.

FannyCornforth Wed 25-Jan-23 11:40:09

Ocado have run out of M&S vegetarian haggis sad

FannyCornforth Wed 25-Jan-23 11:40:54

Rumpledetumps is lovely

MawtheMerrier Wed 25-Jan-23 11:45:17

Oh no!
These baby haggis and their mum better hide! 😱😱😱

Sallymander Wed 25-Jan-23 11:45:42

At home this year with family

MawtheMerrier Wed 25-Jan-23 11:47:33

Now you’re talking!

Jaxjacky Wed 25-Jan-23 11:50:44

Never heard of that 25Avelon thanks, might have to hunt another haggis down, for the freezer, local butcher has them, vegi, gluten free and proper.

Urmstongran Wed 25-Jan-23 11:52:33

We attended a Burn’s Night once. When the haggis was ‘piped in’ it gave me goosebumps! I love the look of a man in a tartan kilt and bagpipes take no prisoners. Stirring stuff. Fabulous!

J52 Wed 25-Jan-23 12:07:18

Unfortunately missing our Burns Night Dinner in the actual place where the Grace was written. DH has a heavy cold.

Blondiescot Wed 25-Jan-23 12:15:02

Definitely - we'll be tucking into McSween's haggis along with neeps and tatties in honour of my famous ancestor!

merlotgran Wed 25-Jan-23 12:33:47

No plans here although I have a gluten free haggis in the freezer. TBH I forgot all about Burns night as not being Scottish I only enter into the spirit when friends or family are involved.

I’ve made rumbledethumps for years. It was a favourite during that phase when you’re encouraging littlies to eat their greens. The name helped!!

Happy Burns Night to those who are celebrating.

toscalily Wed 25-Jan-23 12:34:05

Yes, will be Haggis in our house this evening.

tidyskatemum Wed 25-Jan-23 13:35:36

For years MiL in Edinburgh used to send a McSweens haggis to us in darkest Lancashire. I never had the heart to tell her they were sold in Booths supermarkets!

kittylester Wed 25-Jan-23 14:22:47

We went to a Burns Night Supper about a month after we met. DH proposed. 53 years ago today.

But, Forest are on the telly and DS1 is coming for a meal before it starts so we won't be celebrating.

Mogsmaw Wed 25-Jan-23 14:37:12

Haggis and turnip here tonight, with whole boiled onions. My gran used to put these in for me as a girl, my favourite bit.
McSween haggis, DH bought it. I used to prefer Halls but those seem to be a thing of the past.

Susan56 Wed 25-Jan-23 14:43:44

We are having McSweens vegetarian haggis with needs and tattles tonight.

Grayling1 Wed 25-Jan-23 14:46:29

Have never tried a MacSween's haggis as here in the North of Scotland our local butchers all use their own recipe. I am on my own now but there will be a delivery from my DS of haggis, neeps and tatties with a whisky sauce which I will thoroughly enjoy. He is an excellent cook and I am more than happy to hand over "occasions" cooking to him especially at Christmas!!

Doodledog Wed 25-Jan-23 14:48:36

I'm going to a (virtual) poetry celebration. People will be reading Burns' work and listening to stories about him and his life. The people at the 'in-person' celebration will be having haggis, neeps, tatties and whisky. I will not grin.

Daddima Wed 25-Jan-23 14:56:13

MacSween’s, neeps and tatties for me tonight. I’m a big fan of Rabbie, so I’ll share this ….

FannyCornforth Wed 25-Jan-23 15:14:35

Where do you all get your McSween’s from?

(Yes, I know that I could Google, but where’s the fun in that?)

FannyCornforth Wed 25-Jan-23 15:15:09

Doodledog that sounds fab

Largolass Wed 25-Jan-23 15:38:27

It’s haggis, neeps & tatties for us this evening. No whisky but wine to toast the Bard.