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Do you think you eat well ?

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Floradora9 Wed 15-Feb-23 16:47:07

I was thinking about our diet and I think it is pretty good. Breakfast and lunch are light meals , lunch usually home made soup , and our mail meal is usually home made including fish once or twice a week chicken , beef and the odd veggie meal . I must admit I quite enjoy cooking so it is no hardship but I feel sorry for anyone who does not enjoy it . I do envy those of us whose husbands take over the roll of cooking . I am usually only cooking for 2 but family meals from time to time and more lavish affairs. We never have a take aways and eat out only now and again .

crazyH Wed 15-Feb-23 17:02:29

I’d take my hat off to you, if I had one.
I eat at odd times and eat whatever is there. Not healthily at all. I live on my own, so there’s no incentive to cook. I used to enjoy cooking for the family, especially Sunday dinners, when everyone used to meet up.
Having said that I make sure I have fresh fish on Fridays and Saturdays. I like a steak midweek. But if I look overall, I do eat fruit (mainly bananas and satsumas, hate apples), and vegetables, mainly carrots and green beans.
My main problem is that I don’t have set meal times..

Urmstongran Wed 15-Feb-23 17:12:54

We eat well but some days (like today) I won’t hit even 1 of my 5 a day.

We had eggs & toast for breakfast.
Chicken soup for lunch.
And tonight we’re going out for a curry with friends.

I suppose I could reach over for one of those apples staring at me from the fruit bowl ....

Smileless2012 Wed 15-Feb-23 17:20:07

Reasonably well but maybe not as well as we shouldhmm.

Forsythia Wed 15-Feb-23 17:28:27

I thought we did as we don’t have huge breakfasts, do have homemade soup etc but DH has been diagnosed as potentially pre diabetes and has high cholesterol. It’s made me really worry and I think we must review what we eat. Neither of us are big people either.

dragonfly46 Wed 15-Feb-23 17:28:56

I try to most of the time and cook from scratch because I enjoy it.
Occasionally, however, I can pig out on sausage, chips and beans!

Norah Wed 15-Feb-23 17:30:12

We do. Very well.

Casdon Wed 15-Feb-23 17:32:37

Yes, I do eat well on the whole, but I hate cooking. I don’t think that enjoying cooking is the factor that determines how well you eat (unless you do none at all of course!), it’s what you eat that matters. I’m a batch cooker, so I’ve got lots of healthy curries, casseroles, soups etc. in the freezer. I’m ashamed to say though, I could live on toast and jacket potatoes with a range of salads quite happily.

TerriBull Wed 15-Feb-23 17:52:22

I'd like to think so, I eat a lot of fruit, my breakfast often includes Greek yogurt and fruit and maybe some hazelnuts, or fruit with a fairly healthy cereal which at the moment is bite sized shredded wheat, although we were staying with friends at the weekend who made their own granola, I'll have to give that a go. I like three good coffees during the morning, I never touch instant any more. I'll have a cup of tea in the afternoon, I don't eat biscuits, but if I make a cake every so often, I'll have a slice. I cook from scratch, red meat occasionally, usually in the form of a roast dinner on a Sunday, sometimes in a Shepherds Pie bulked out with lentils, chicken more frequently and fish twice a week and meat free Mondays which gets moved about the week depending on my meal planning. Lots of leafy green vegetables. I'm sure there's room for improvement, I like bread and cheese a little bit too much, oh well we all have our bad days!although I believe as a post menopausal woman a fair amount of calcium is required in our diet. Chocolate is a very occasional treat but I do have some 70% cocoa solid type in the fridge, and if I remember I'll have a square a couple of times a week, allegedly it has health benefits, not a temptation at all for me. I like bad, crap chocolate like Cadburys that's my preference, it's so bad it doesn't even count as chocolate , so there it is I hardly touch chocolate, only the fake stuff . My breakfasts start late so that pushes back lunch till the afternoon so sometimes I'll drop the evening meal although I cook it for my husband, I'm not sure I'd be ruled by regular mealtimes if I lived alone.

My Nectar app gave me a breakdown for my Sainsburys shopping at the end of 2022, 35% was on fruit and vegetables, that should be worth a few Brownie points.

Oh and I do like a glass or two of wine I try to keep that for weekends only, unless we're out for a meal.

Kate1949 Wed 15-Feb-23 18:07:11

I think we do quite well. A lot of salads, fish, homemade chicken dishes, rice, veg, homemade soups, fruit etc. I rarely eat chips, burgers, pies (never). Very rarely eat takeaways. I do have a bit of chocolate each day and probably too much wine on occasion.

MrsKen33 Wed 15-Feb-23 18:25:50

We don’t eat breakfast ( 16:8) but have a light lunch around noon. Usually homemade soup, an omelette or a sandwich. Dinner is at 6 and nearly always made from scratch. No meat Monday, lots of fish and chicken and red meat occasionally. We also try to limit white carbohydrates. I think we eat very well and DH always takes his turn in the kitchen.

MrsKen33 Wed 15-Feb-23 18:27:21

Forgot to say, a huge fruit bowl on the kitchen table and lots of vegetables.

GagaJo Wed 15-Feb-23 18:28:49

I hate cooking. I've also gone off a lot of the foods that I used to enjoy, which is difficult because now I don't know how to cook things I might enjoy instead!

Witzend Wed 15-Feb-23 18:36:31

Yes, generally. Mostly cooked from scratch (evening meal, we get our own breakfasts and lunches), a lot more no-meat meals than we used to have, and lots of veggies - local and in season as far as poss.

Oldnproud Wed 15-Feb-23 18:40:39

I think that we eat really well - loads of low-fat veg-based meals - and really badly - too many biscuits, crisps, etc.

NotSpaghetti Wed 15-Feb-23 18:42:09

We eat really well I think... just way too much of it.

fancythat Wed 15-Feb-23 18:45:28

Not bad, but I wouldnt win any prizes.
I do eat raw veg.
I do get a bit of fruit in me but maybe not ideal
I do eat a little bit of what you fancy does you good.
I do eat more milk than I really like, eggs for nails, raw leafy green veg for all sorts.
If I have a minor health issue, I eat what foods should help to stop or improve it.
Hate taking pills unless I have no choice.

Theexwife Wed 15-Feb-23 18:51:47

Probably not but I take multivitamins, am a size 12, very active and consider myself healthy.

M0nica Wed 15-Feb-23 19:23:45

I know we eat well for two health related reasons. As a child, and probably still, I had/have a bowel condition that had me in and out of hospital. When I was 13 a new paediatrician talked to me about it, and not just my mother and I began to understand the problem and when I could, I began to take control of it and I discovered that a diet high in fibre, with plenty of hydration and regular exercise kept it under control.So that is diet I have eaten ever since. Fortunately I love vegetables, although I am an omnivore.

More recently DH had a heart attack and as part of his rehab I filled in a form about our eating habits. We scored 9/12. I lost one point for insisting I would not swap locally grown and processed rapeoil for imported olive oil, rapeseed oil comes second to olive oil and we do not use much, and we did not eat enough nuts, I do not think the nurse told me what we lost the last point for, possibly being a bit to good to be true.

Despite DH's heart problems we are both in good health and I think our diet plays a major part in that.

BoadiceaJones Wed 15-Feb-23 20:13:05

Keto/LCHF. 16:8 hour eating window. Two meals a day. Lots of home-grown, organic fruit and veg. Our own free-range eggs. Locally-produced stuff- olive and avo oil, avocados, cheese made by the local German artisan, fish straight from the sea. A nice sauv blanc (one small glass) each day. Trying to avoid anything that requires long distance delivery/importation.

So why am I still ...ermm...Junoesque??

LRavenscroft Wed 15-Feb-23 21:19:01

I try to follow a rainbow diet and stick with simple, plain unprocessed food.

travelsafar Wed 15-Feb-23 21:43:00

I have porridge nearly every breakfast with 3 rice cakes topped with banana for lunch every day although this is usually eaten around 2pm. I never eat bacon, sausages, pies and only occasionally a little red meat. Main meals are usually chickpea curry, lentils with veggies, chicken, lots of fish and soups or salads. I usually manage to eat a couple of apples each day too....the small lunchbox size. My biggest naughty is gingernuts I can demolish half a pack with a mug of tea!!!!

Shinamae Wed 15-Feb-23 21:45:29

I know I don’t 🫣

cornergran Wed 15-Feb-23 23:03:34

I used to, have slipped dreadfully. We like very different food, I often cook something for Mr C I dislike and have a sandwich myself, his his diet is far better than mine. Summer is easier as I love salads. In the winter months I do make and consume a lot of vegetable based soup but a ‘proper’ meal with knife and fork is only two or three times a week.

Palmtree Thu 16-Feb-23 04:14:34

I am one of the lucky ones now as my husband really loves cooking, something he only discovered fairly late in life I do the menu planning for our main meal and shopping plus all the housework so he is quite happy about that too. I think as you get older you both end up doing the jobs you are best at and enjoy. He is a great cook and we eat very healthily. When our children were younger I did all the cooking and we definitely didnt eat so well, I hated it. Now our main meals are cooked from scratch, varied and contain plenty of fresh fruit and veggies. For our other meals breakfast/lunch we tend to help ourselves. I usually have Porridge/yoghurt/fruit for breakfast and a salad for lunxh.